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Are you in for an intuitive game with a real story, heroes, a storyline and humor?
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Set off on an adventure with your heroes and raise yourselves against the forces which are ravaging the county of Acilion. Quests, dialogs, spells and decisive choices are the components of this adventure with an enthralling storyline and intuitive gameplay.


• A roleplaying game with an enthralling story which is far from formulaic.
• Recruit, train and improve your heroes: weapons, artefacts, spells, skills, levelling...
• Make them speak with other characters: your choices will greatly influence the story.
• Each hero has his own personality: the composition of your team will also impact the storyline.
• Explore huge 3D dungeons, inextricable forests, haunted mines, forgotten temples and a lot of other places: each of them corresponds to a quest.
• Travel in a vast world from the big map and see where your friends are playing (if you have friends - if you haven't, we can't help you)
• Use puzzle games to control your heroes and cast spells in combat.
• Play with your friends: lend heroes to each other during battles, offer coins of gold and action points and help them unlocking exclusive quests (friends are not provided with the app)
• Play for free: in-app purchases are possible but *never* mandatory.
• A large dose of humor!

An internet connection is required to play this game.

AN IMPORTANT NOTE: downloading and installing Celsius Heroes is free but some in-game items can be purchased with real money. If you do not wish to use this feature, please disable the in-app purchases in your device settings.

Are you experiencing an issue or do you want to report something about the game? Please visit http://celsiusonline.uservoice.com/ or contact us in-game by selecting Help > Feedback & Support.

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Worst Energy System Ever

Energy is not only required to play levels, but also to move around the world map. A map you can't look around on to see if you're wasting energy going a certain way. I just had a string of quests that force you to move between two points several times pointlessly. As in, at the end you are told it was pointless. I suppose the devs think they're cute lampshading this by having dialogue options that point this out. I like the core game, but this absolutely ruins it.

Started fun, but then...
Clockwork Kitsune

Disappointed very quickly. The “zilch” daily gifts, combined with having to make an appointment to continue a quest line, ended the fun for me. I can’t make my daily schedule fit a game. It started fun, but not fun enough to deal with that crap.

Potential fresh new App
Klain T

Love it so far....but when you starting the game with 12 energy but cost 4 per stage is such a drag... If it's doesn't cost energy like Primal Legend I'm sure this new app Will Hit Top Apps on AppStore. Have to say this app game is so fresh from the market, with real options to choose of how you progress the next scene, more character customizations in skills all the way down to the boots, so much promising if the developer listen to their players call then this app will be top charts for very long time.

Kobojo Aquisition

I only discovered this game after Celsius aquired Kobojos assets. While I was turned off originally as the story progressed I found myself getting involved in the characters dialogue. Which is something mobile games usually don't do well. Its definitely a work in progress. PS. Keep investing time and money into Primal Legends. It's still the most superior game in your hands at the moment.

This far free and fun

Like it thus far but just starting. Got here because of Mutants Gladiators which I think is a great game.

Just the game I was looking for...

Just got past the prologue and am thoroughly enjoying it. Great RPG and funny dialogue.

Great RPG with a twist

Loved this game! Cool graphics, great storyline, a twist with gem lining gameplay... It has evertyhing! If you like adventure RPGs this is a really cool one!

Better then expected

Better mechanics and story then I expected

Great game!

Fun and even a little challenging

Comparable to PAD in all the right ways...

If you play Puzzle and Dragons, this is definitely a good game in the same genre. Give it a try!

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