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Photo & Video Free Micah Comeau iPhone, iPad, iPod

Who doesn't want to add cats and kittens to their pictures?! Cats Everywhere is the best app to allow you to add your furry friends to any of your photos.

- NO content needs to be unlocked with an IAP!
- Ease of use.
- Over 60+ handpicked cats to you photos.
- Add over 20+ filters.
- Spruce up your photos with customized borders.
- Easily share your creation through Facebook,Twitter,Instagram, and more.

*Leaving any type of review will encourage us to release more content. Feed back is always welcome.

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Cool, but...

I really like this app! But a few problems. First, I would like to be able to flip my iPad screen so the picture is horizontal. I would also like to remove a coloration after I’ve added it. And my final complaint is... changing colors, using your own pictures, And writing words.. I would like the feature to write on the picture, the feature to change the color of the cats, and to take pictures of cats that you find online or something and put on this app. That’s all I have trouble with. Besides those reasons, I really love this app! Go Cats! ??


This app is a lot of fun! I love it! ??

Meh I don’t get it ...

I just got this as a suggested app in the App Store. Thing is : how do you resize the kittehs so they cover or fit the head or scene you’re sticking them to??

Yeet SiCko MOdE

Love this app thats how i got my designer limited edition cat pods!!!

I love this ?❤️?

This app is amazing! Me and my family love to change our pictures by making people into cats. I just wish there was more cats, to make it even better! We’re Cat people, I myself own 3, and it’s also fun to swap our cats’ faces with the cats on this app! I would recommend this for cat families who like a little humor here and there.

Good app



? fun to play with


It's okay. Can't seem to "undo" any a filter or border unless you start over. Final pics have huge "made with cats everywhere" tag, pretty much ruining the picture. Was fun for about 5 seconds. Deleting.

love cats
Doc Rocksauce

app links you to write a review to remove the watermark on your texts. watermark is tacky so i hope this works. would give this app 5 stars if not for this forced review

Cats are funny!

Lots & lots of great cat stickers and filters to use. Do not like the watermark, though. Update: watermark removed after leaving review. Fabulous app. Thank you!