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Meow! Cat lovers worldwide must not miss this chance to be accompanied by CATlendar’s super cute kittens everyday!
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Are you using iOS iCalendar, but wish to have a brand new interface? Try Catlendar! It’s completely synchronized with iCalendar, so you won’t need to re-enter any event after all. From now on, you can plan your life and keep track of all beautiful moments more happily than ever!

Catlendar & Diary is a cute lovely book designed for cat lovers that combines both calendar and diary functions. You can use the design stickers and A~Z letters stickers that come with our package, or create your own DIY stickers to decorate all your pages. You can also use the photos frames or photo stickers in the diary entries as you create unique designs for all the special little things!

-Product features-
Calendar & Reminder synchronized with iCalendar
* Cute designed cat calendar backgrounds!
* Preset event categories for easy event classification.
* Worried about being unable to setup reminders for all your events? Easy Reminder will provide scheduled / repeated reminders in one simple step!
* Syncs with iCalendar, so you need not re-enter any important event!

Design stickers, A~Z stickers, DIY stickers, photo stickers…stick them to all happy memories!
* Lots of cute stickers to use at any time, anywhere.
* Unique Meow A~Z letter stickers! Spell names and other unique Meow words!
* Want something special? Create and save your own hand-drawn DIY stickers!
* Use photos as stickers, which you can zoom, rotate and use in your diary entries!

Write a diary and share to FB on the go
* Do you want to write a diary for your kitty? Or about something that happened today? Catlendar & Diary allows you to setup multiple personalized diaries for different topics.
* One touch share to Facebook, with all photos, stickers and deco.

Other useful features
* iPhone 5 & iPod Touch 5 screen support.
* Supports backup of diaries and stickers.
* Quick Note function allows you to write down any chores and events!
* Privacy is important. Password protection is provided.

Supports devices iPhone 5 or above, iOS 8.0 or above

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Love this calendar

I love this calendar and cats. This calendar does everything I need it to do and more. ??

I ❤ cats ?
Like meh

Sometimes they make me cry cause I wanna hug all of them!!! ????

Love it

I first tried the lite version and loved it so much that I purchased the full version. I love how you can draw and create your own stickers and insert pictures to the background. It also has tons of pre loaded stickers and you can lock it and keep it private. It doesn't crash, works perfectly every time. Thank you so much!!!


This app is absolutely adorable, and fits all my needs for a calendars usage. I highly recommend it.

Love it!

This is a great calendar and diary customizable with pix of cats, holidays, special days, and colors and all your appointments. Absolutely LOVE it!

Awesome App
Babe bunny lover

This is a great way to keep all of your stuff organized ?

Love kitties!!!



Best calendar app for those who want something pretty. Thanks!


Would be great to be able to choose which iOS calendars to show, or to not show any at all. Especially would love to be able to use a plain background for diary entries. Or choose my own background from camera roll, just like for the calendar......... There's no way to view photos full size when tapping on them in a diary entry. There's also no way to delete photos from an entry or move or resize them. Right now once they're in an entry and you save the entry, the only way to get rid of or change a photo is to add a new photo first....... A little too much hassle in this app. But it is definitely very cute and doesn't crash anymore since the update ?

Great app

It includes a diary too and no one will see....

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