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If you're like me, you spend at least four hours a day fretting over the difficulty involved in sending facts about cats to your friends. First you have to search for a list of facts online, then copy one you like, then paste it into your messaging app. That's at least 30 seconds you could have spent with your cat!
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Well, with CatFacts for iMessage, fret no longer! Educating your friends on the fascinating features of our feline friends is as simple as a single tap on the screen.

What to do with the ~25 seconds you've saved with CatFacts? I'd suggest seeking out your cat and petting it, or maybe giving him a treat. If you don't have a cat, what are you waiting for? It has been scientifically proven that owning cats is good for our health and can decrease the occurrence of high blood pressure and other illnesses (cat fact #126).


It’s horrible

It breaks your phone! I was sending them and half an hour later they were still sending! I deleted the app and it still was sending facts. It’s inappropriate! It has bad language! Do not download!

Horrible! don’t waste your time!

My friend had this app and was trying to play a prank on a gchat. One of my friends hasn’t received any messages after 500 were sent, another’s phone got broken and she hasn’t been able to FaceTime since. Please don’t waste your time. This app also sent bad words and inappropriate content! I would give it 0 stars if I could?very disappointed.

Works great!

No idea what other people are saying. This app has no cursing or inappropriate language (it has some text about mother cats and neutering etc, but no inappropriate detail, all SCIENTIFIC that you would find in a middle school textbook). It can't break your phone, you have to manually press the button. If messages don't send, the person's phone is broken. All this app does is put text in the message box. It doesn't even send it for you. It's perfect to spam your friends with!


Amazing! They do eventually repeat the facts, but otherwise this is the best fact app ever!! 100% recommend this app to any April foolers or trying to annoy anyone! Or look like your a total genius! Thank you! ?

Can’t delete the app

Why can’t I delete this app off of my phone?! It’s no where to be found but stuck on my texting screen


This app changed my life

The best
Maile the fan oh yeah oh yeah

Cat facts

The Velcromancer

Ignore the bad reviews, I think they are coming from people who just don’t understand iMessage apps. This is a very straightforward text generator app. It doesn’t even send the texts automatically. That said, the facts are excellent. 100% recommend.

My friends won't talk to me anymore
A man with a car

10/10 would send more facts if I wasn't blocked.


This app is great for sending long texts about random cat facts! Simple to the point cat facts at the touch of a cat shaped button.

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