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Cat & Dog - Math Siege Educational Game for kids

Cat & Dog is an educational math game that practices addition, subtraction, and strategy via an entertaining game. Make learning math easy & fun for your kids with our “iMao” series. Cat & Dog keeps children entertained with its simple, but addictive environment, which is aided by the loveable characters. Your child will beg you to let them play and the fun will keep them coming back for more. Trust us, they’ll love math after playing the game!
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Lite version – 1 out of 3 game modes

Recommended Ages:5-10 kids & Parents, For Grade 1 through Grade 4
Addition: Learn the addition of digits from 1 to 12. (And the version is FREE!)

You can upgrade all the features below using in-app purchase.
Subtraction: Learn the subtraction digits from 1 to 90.
Mixing Addition & Subtraction: Learn the addition and subtraction digits from 1 to 999.


Randomized number & Star-rating System offers various challenges and higher replay value!
A variety of boards with attractive animations.
Change the opponent level to challenge & practice addition skill more.
Compete mode allow you play with your child or play with friends.
Detailed scoreboard makes you easy to track your kid’s performance and allow you compare with top 5 in scores.
An universal app.

Learn the following skills :

Estimation : How to arrive at fast, inexact figures.
Tactics : Develop observation skills in addition to the ability to create innovative and unique strategies.
Mental Math : Doing addition and subtraction mentally with good speed.

Help your “Mao” pal to navigate the number path to its bowl of food, before the other pet gets theirs first! In order to navigate, just tapping 2 numbers we provide you that add up to the target number. And you’ll have to strategize against your opponent by cutting off their own paths, while making your own!

We provide clear instructions for your child to start right away. Upgrade this app to FULL VERSION, and join the newest battleground between cats and dogs – in the arena of math!

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i like the picture of the math game i think my kid will like it

good game

Very interesting, like it


Cute math game, especially for the youngsters. Highly recommended.

Cat and Dog

The kiddies will love this game, even though it is challenging for all ages.

Kai Hong

Calculation practice plus chess strategy! Good for children!


cartoon and math. learn and play. They can work together it's [email protected]@!!!!!!!!!!


Another interesting way for children to learn mathematics. coooool!!!!!!


Fantastic, very interesting mathematical games.


My children really like.

Great app

Great app for kids learning math. Fun to play but challenging enough to teach how two numbers are added.

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