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Cash, Inc. Fame & Fortune Game is free iOS app published by Lion Studios LLC

Best game!


I’m already at millions within 10 minutes!



This game is so awesome and so much better then the new update and it is really annoying when you have to wait for more levels to buy updates or levels it is so much more annoying yah this game is so much fun




The game


It’s an amazing game totally recommended.

Dumb and fun




Nick 3434


Too good

fox dog 47

Love it I once I saw that let me fall in love with it

The game

i like you much

I don't no how but I am good at this game I also have trillions of monney so that like and subscribe to itsfunneh's channel I want her to get 99billion likes and subscribes so I have the 2nd or 3rd shop so I need all that 778Qd monney so I want to say I think I know a trick.If you leave for a year then you get a lots of money so I want to talk about the channel at the top I like her itafunneh so DO NOT LET BABYS LOOK AT THIS I well show you this do you know the Lenny face?go to google then put in lenny face then tap on it then press copy then delete Lenny face then you tap on the board then press paste so sorry for talking about stuff else so bye.

Cool game!


Thanks I just got 10000000 in this game and what a cool game guys! Make updates plz developer team!

Great game

awsome channels

Great game

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