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Cash, Inc. Fame & Fortune Game is free iOS app published by Lion Studios LLC

Best game ever!!!

Listen up!!!!

This game is so addictive and it’s free but fun. You get soooooo much money after you watch one small ad I high highly recommend this app for kids adults or even anyone

My favorite Game !

Peyton Mayhews reviews

I lovemit because I love idle games but I don't now how tompronounce it but anyways cash is my goal by the way I have 2 iPads old one broked VIP awsomemPrestige is the only thing I don't like but sell and that's awesome my favorite gam

Push ads are ridiculous


I was really enjoying this game but over the past week or so the push ads have gotten ridiculous. I just logged on and within 30 seconds the guy pops up taking about freebies and there’s no way to opt out. Kinda hard to play the game when this keeps happening. I’ll be undownloading and stick to the mine game for something similar.

wow i love it!!

neha jagtap

no ads and really fun to play. highly recommend

Rlly fun


This game is soo fun. I play everyday even when I’m on a road trip

It’s great


It’s a good game but I don’t like the waiting but ITS AMAZING



Im in love

Best game

Fnaf god 1522

This is soo cool u can make money then sped it then get more just a fun game

Game good!


Perfecto πŸ‘Œ. Love❀️ this game!

Cash inc

room 16

So rich