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** Featured in MUM Magazine's Tech Tricks by Bruce Kalver
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Entertainment $0.99 Rob FAIELLA iPhone, iPad, iPod

** January 2011
** Bruce calls it "So Clever"

Card Guru is a mind blowing card trick for the iPhone/iPad/iPod and Apple Watch. The spectator selects a card on the device by swiping cards and then locks it in.

The device is placed face down in the magician's hand or on the table. The magician talks about how magnificent the Card Guru is and places a deck of cards on the table. The spectator shuffles and fans out the cards face up.

The magician then reveals that he, not the iPhone/iPad/iPod is the Card Guru and pulls the spectator's card from the deck!!!

After launching CardGuru, you will be shown the secret to the trick and how to access the secret again to learn how to do this amazing magic trick.


Looks cool

This app looks cool, so I'll give it neutral rating. I have a 1st gen iPod touch. Upon buying this, it told me that the app was not compatible with my iPod. DO NOT BUY IF YOU HAVE AN IPOD TOUCH!! I would like a refund.

Awsome app!!

Works great! Just as described in the description. The previous poster obviously didn't read the description as it clearly states for iPhone only. I look forward to more apps from this author.

Wow this is super!!! Now compatible for iPod Touch!!!

Me being a guy that has about 23 iPod Touch magic trick apps this one is brutally deceptive!!!! The secret is really sneaky and fools people who are skeptics! I tried it on my grandmother and she couldn't figure this one out. Misdirection is always a superlative tool to use for this app. Oh and I like using it while my iPod is in their hands of the spectator the entire time...(this method convinces your spectator that there is no trickery!!) Great fooler. You can afford to do this one more than twice!