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Too many cards filled in your wallet? Don't know which card should put in your wallet? Or were you in a need of your credit card details while on the go without your wallet? Do you think it's not safe to carry all your cards in your real wallet?
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This is where Card Mate as a secure card manager comes handy.

* Card Mate can auto scan and save your card images, and you can store plenty of addition information with these card images. Scan card process is very simple and quick. Card Mate can store your Credit Cards, Bank Cards, ID Cards, and any other type of cards.

* All your cards images and information were encrypted using Industrial-strength encryption algorithm, and saved in the local storage of your iOS devices. There is NO server, and Nothing will be upload or send to the server, or any other place.

* You can set an access password to protect all your information, nobody can see or access your cards without this password. Support both Dot-lock and password PIN pad, use more secure pattern lock or 4 digits password as your like.

* Support card category, classify and manage your cards more effectively in category, including add category, edit category, delete category, drag to reorder category.

* Beautiful look and convenient operation, swipe to show/hide menu, tap to show/hide card information and copy to pasteboard, double tap to preview card images. All information in one place, access your card information anytime and any place.

* More advanced and user-friendly operation, drag cards to sort in any order, drag categories to sort in any order, drag to delete cards, drag to add cards to category, and two fingers swipe up to close card images preview.

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Facebook required to use

Looks Good but as soon as I opened the app ,it forced me to open a Facebook acct.. I couldn’t find a way to use this app without a Facebook account.


I don't carry any non-credit cards anymore.

Very Useful

Great app, wish it had more card options to choose from though.

Awesome app
Younes Elkhoulti

I love it easy to use


i'm new user, how to do it please teel me

Store Your Credit Cards
Andrew B Makarov

This Application has it all. It backs up all of your scanned Credit Cards, or even any of your identity Cards, including reward cards. You can buy more storage by earning coins or just outright buy the storage so you do not loose Data.

Great app

Love it!!!! Enough said


Lo uso todo el tiempo

Perfect Application
Solebon Fan

I love this

Wallet App

Just what I needed to store all of my cards.