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Build roads for your town, add cars and scenery and keep the traffic flowing!
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Education $3.99 FUNOBI LTD iPhone, iPad, iPod

Car Kit is a fun building game for kids. Drag and drop tiles to build your roads with straights, corners, bridges and traffic light junctions. Then add cars from the selection of over 20.

Once you have built your world you can take control of any of the cars to drive around and explore - make sure you don’t crash!

Roads included:

● Straights
● Corners
● Bridges
● Traffic light junctions
● Pavements
● Lakes/rivers

Cars included:

● Ambulance
● Compact
● Saloon
● Police
● Fire Truck
● Pickup
● Truck
● Campervan
● Vintage
● Bus
● Van
● Cab
● Taxi
● Hatchback
● 4x4
● Motorhome
● Luxury
● Low-rider


It’s fun and relaxing...

I’ll start by saying I’m an 30 year old male ( with no children), and this little game is a great way to spend 10 min waiting in a doctors office, or for a quick time waster. It’s not to involved or in depth, just quick, relaxing, and easy. My only complaint is I wish it was a little more complex. Nothing to much at all but add a way to make 4 way stops, and maybe elementary way of driving the car. I know this is more built for young young children and it shouldn’t be complex which is also part of its charm. 4 stars! Glad I took the risk in buying, easy fun, not complex.

Needs some thought
The Brainy Gamer

We need some great update. Buildings just flaying everywhere from a crash? Dumb. But the game is fun. Because they have train kit too, they should make a city kit. I’d say the three bucks was worth it. Enjoy!

Worth pissing yourself.
devs lie

My son liked this game so much he peed on the floor rather than stop playing it long enough to go to the potty. If that’s not a resounding endorsement then I don’t know what is.

A good game
game lover Basia

Car kit is a good game but it can be annoying sometimes😐but I still like it a lot.

A few suggestions🤔

Car kit is a amazing game but can you make it so it isn’t wobbly and make it that your a human and you can go inside the buildings thank you love you guys!🍪🍭🍦😘😍


Very frustrated kid, spent some of his allowance to buy and it won’t start. Just crashes. Plz fix

Worth loving it

I love it😍

Cutest game I’ve come across in ages!

I’m an adult and this Car Kit app is just so retro, cute and fun! Kids will adore it. With an app store full of dark and violent junk, Car Kit is such a refreshing treat! Highly recommend for kids of all ages!

Could you add this?

So I love this game. It's really cute and funny. But! I'm sure you could add more. Like could you add maybe semi trucks? Because that would be cute to see. Also maybe bigger plot tiles to build on. And make there no limit on cars? If so it would be fun to play on with all that. Anyway I still love the game and under stand it's still in development.

Cool point last year for the new update
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The first time in my whole family Sad that they have been so good

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