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2 Car Games in 1!
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Games $0.99 John Tommervik iPhone, iPad, iPod

Game #1: Firestorm Raceway - Try out your driving skills with the classic racing game style of Firestorm Raceway. In this fun game, you must keep your eye on the track, and avoid obstacles such as oil spills, tires, and crazy drivers!

Game #2: Krazy Eights - Need an even more challenging, awesome game, for the race car driver in you? Krazy Eights is an example of the cool car games we have grown to love. Race in figure eight style, while avoiding car wrecks in the middle of the track, in this cool car game.

Features of Car Games!

- race against competitive race car drivers
- avoid hazards such as oil spills and loose tires
- classic car game racing style
- Firestorm Raceway and Krazy Eights: fun game for kids and awesome game for adults


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