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Candy Treasures - Candy Maker, Dress Up & Matching Fun

Candy Treasures is a new game for kids and toddlers that brings a lot of candy fun for the little ones! Kids can choose from seven different candy activities: match candy pairs, make candies, clean up candy wraps, sort candies, collect candies in the sky, catch candy butterflies and even dress up a sweet little girl with candy clothes! Complete all candy tasks and collect seven candy badges!
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Game Features

SWEET STYLES: It's candy dress up time! Dress up a sweet little girl with candy clothes, hair accessories, jewelry, handbags and shoes! Free your imagination with candy dress up and take a picture of your dream candy outfit!

CANDY CHEF: Show your candy maker skills and make the most delicious candies! Mix butter, flour, sugar, chocolate and nuts with a blender, fill baking pan with candy dough and bake a batch of yummy, star shaped candies!

SWEET MEMORIES: Tap treasure chests and see what's inside them. Match candies, find pairs and train your memory skills while playing!

MATCH THE CANDY: Let's see how well you can sort candies! Match different shape candies, drag and drop them to correct places and decorate treasure chests!

BIN THE WRAPPERS: Clean up the candy wraps! Grab a shovel and throw candy wraps into the bin, sweep tree leaves off the road and wash the road with water hose. You will get a Candy Champ badge for cleaning up!

CANDY CLOUD: Hop on a cotton candy cloud and collect different shape and color candies in the sky! Tap the screen and hold to go up. Collect small candies of different shapes and colors and avoid bumping into bombs. Reach for your favorite candies and complete all levels!

NET THE CANDY: In different garden inspired backgrounds, candy butterflies will be flying around. Tap and move a butterfly net to catch as many candy butterflies as you can. Avoid bumble bees!

CANDY BADGES: Every time you reach a new level, you will be rewarded with a Candy Badge!


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