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* A game published with the cooperation of Fantastic Games, an independent games supporting program of CMGE*
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As one of the 8 Best Upcoming Games You've Never Heard Of, the game Candleman was highly valued by Game Spot, a famous professional website in games information worldwide

【Brief Introductions】

In a world of endless darkness, as a candle living only 10 seconds, what would you choose? To burn out yourself and wait for death, or to light up the darkness and hunt for hopes?

As one of the 8 Best Upcoming Games You've Never Heard Of, the game Candleman will bring you an immersive adventure experience with distinct subjects, profound stage-designing and 4K-level frames and pictures in the mood of Zen. In its magic scenes as in a dream or in a movie, a candle with faint flames looks for his way forward constantly for the hopes in his heart, groping endless darkness with his memory of only 10 seconds.

Let’s go forward together for our dream before the candle burns out!

【Game Features】

——One frame as one wallpaper

In a magnificent and mysterious adventure world, with the ingenious combination of faint flames and dreamy lights and shadows, an ordinary candle, for his dream, experiences the changing of game scenes and the shifting of lights and shadows.

——One scene in one trap

In the darkness of every frame, everything in your eyes seems to be in a dream, as well as in a movie. You will challenge magic puzzles composed of lights and shadows in the darkness and experience interactions between colors and backgrounds.

——Every music note deep in nature

During the gameplay, you will feel the profoundness and mysteriousness of the game world with an immersive experience from atmosphere-perfecting background music, and meticulous and providential sound effects.

——One experience after one journey

Even with faint flames, the candleman hopes to light up the underground world in the darkness, and makes great achievements. Doing the extraordinary in ordinary life is exactly what the game answers to the players.

【Media Comments】

Burning out his limited energy and lighting up the hope of independent games in China. (Xbox China)

Absolutely Candleman is the domestic game with the biggest surprise, without “one of”. (

Suddenly moved without explanation, it reminded me of myself and of everyone around me. (

The creativities, frames and sense of playing of this game are all worth praising. (

The first appearance of a game on a worldwide stage like GDC by a Chinese independent developer. (ChuApp)

【Players’ Comments】

Inventive and offbeat. ([email protected])

Experiencing differences from other games only with its pictures in eyes. (@A9VG)

Amazing magics of lights and shadows. ([email protected])

【Contact Us】


Twitter: @CMGE_Indie

Instagram: fantasticgames_cmge

Only available on iOS 9 or above temporarily

【Fantastic Games, an independent games supporting program of CMGE】

Fantastic Games, the independent games supporting program of CMGE, provides independent game developers overall supports with funds, technologies and services. CMGE recently has achieved a strategic cooperation with some well-known independent game developers, domestic and abroad, such as LemonJam Studio, Coconut Island, and Chilly Room etc. They have brought us independent games in a joint effort, including Shadow Play of Monkey King, Dino Hero, Riptide GP 3, Cute Runner, Sunpolis, Egg×Egg, Adventures in Dreamland, 3DTD, Uri: The Sprout of Lotus Creek, Miss Switch, and Usavich, all recommended by App Store Top Games. Join Fantastic Games, let’s build endlessly-creative mobile games on and on with your unique skills and techniques, as well as ours.


Harmony 2

This looks like a beautiful game, I can’t wait to play it but how? I taped on the title page where it said start, the next screen came up of a candle standing in front of a mirror. Where are the instruction, sorry, maybe there’s something wrong with my IPad. Please tell me how to start playing the game. Thanx, Yaffa

Great game, but...

The game is Beautiful, but the controls could be better. I can’t wait to see new levels, but the little guy won’t go were I want him too. this point the game is more frustrating than fun. I was so looking forward to this game.

DOWN download
City Sushi

Not sure if this is an iTunes Store issue or server problem. Third time on 3 different days trying to download game at 75mbps and it isn’t even 5% after 25 MINUTES! What gives?

Beautiful game

Beautiful game, enjoying it. Controls just tightened up a bit.

Good but not excellent
Toasted Tomato

This game is good in animation and picture, but it seems not fluent enough in some certain scenarios. I think that should be better. Another suggestion is that although the animation after each charpter tries to tell the storyline, the design of each small game cannot reflect the storyline enough.

Poor controls
Captain Cook K

Beautiful graphics and compelling story. Unfortunately the touch controls on iPad are very imprecise. Needs work to be user-friendly.

Worth it!!!

This is such a cute game! It’s definitely worth getting. It is so clever. I am so in love with the little details. The wax drips on the ground from holding too long, to the pitter patter of the sound of his footsteps! You got a fan in me!

the most worst mobile game ever played

whats wrong with you chinaman made this bollshit?


I bought the game a couple days ago and completed all the levels and replayed them all again to get all candles lit. Absolutely breathtaking! This game takes me to my happy place and I cannot wait till more levels. What I really want is maybe a clearer story line? I like to think about the stories behind the gameplay so if the cut scenes could be more clarified that would be great. Thank you for making this work of art :))

Love this game!

Update please!