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Can You Steal Hay

Quickly save your farm from rodent attacks!
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Games Free Psycho Bear Studios iPhone, iPad, iPod

Catch them all before they eat all the hay on your farmland.

Time is limited, so hurry up!

Catch all the rodents to clear the level.

Get this game now and challenge your friends and see if they can beat your score?


Very fun. Feels like fishing

This is such a fun game. trying to get as deep as possible without catching explosives can be difficult. I am hooked. Overall: amazing game 10/10

Nostalgic And Fun
Nerdy guy 07

This game reminds me of a fishing toy I had back when I was a kid. It was so fun and the retro graphics of the game reminds me of some of the Nintendo Games that I played. All in all, this game is recommended for those who wants to remember their childhood. It's fun! :)

awesome APP!

Every time I play this game it feels like time traveling lol. Cute 8bit characters and and nice game play! I've been waiting for a game like these to show up perfect for chilling out.


i really like 8bit games but this one though i don't know if the man is catching a dinosaur or what ever it is, the game is kinda addicting and funny.

Easy and fun!!

This game is so much better than real fishing! I dont have to wake up at 0 dark 30 and sit on a dock or boat and freeze for hours and not catch anything. :P this game is so fun and i love the old school graphics!

Retro fishing

So the graphics are super retro, like Atari 2600 style. But the game is really fun once you get past the first couple levels.

Download This! then GO Fish! and Get hooked!

This game is super simple and fun, it gets tough along the way making things a lot challenging to complete. Cool retro style graphics adds a lot of nostalgic fun as well. I bet you'll easily get hooked with this game!

Flashback and loving it!

Ah this game i used to play in my childhood! Too good. Playing it since 3 hours! Cant get enough of it

All the fun of fishing at the palm of your hand? Yes, please!

This is rather time-consuming. Why? Because I find it hard to put down. It's SO much fun! Give this game a go; you'll really be glad you did.

Simple and addicting
[email protected]

I really enjoy this gameeeee. This is addictive becoZz it's a challenging game