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Photo & Video $2.99 wang haiwen iPhone, iPad, iPod

Featured App in US App Store 10-Nov-2009
#1 Paid App in the United States in November

******** Over 7 million sold! ********

A camera flash is among iPhone's most requested features.

Now, we offer a application utility for you to having a soft Flash light inside iPhone Camera. This app also provides you with an easy-to-use set of effects( B&W, Sepia, Ocean, Burn, Invert, Flip, Atmosphere, Fog, Freeze, Lava, Metal, Rainbow, Water).


- Flash - Add flash to you photos
- Darken - Remove light from your photos
- Black & White - Turn photos Black & White
- Sepia - Convert photos to Sepia
- Ocean - Convert photos to Ocean
- Burn - Convert photos to Burn
- Atmosphere - Convert photos to Atmosphere
- Fog - Convert photos to Fog
- Freeze - Freeze photos
- Lava - Convert photos to Lava
- Metal - Convert photos to Metal
- Rainbow - Convert photos to Rainbow
- Water - Convert photos to Water
- Invert - Make cool inverted photos
- Flip - Make cool flipped photos
- Support processing existing photos loading from iPhone Photo Album
- Support unlimited flash light source adjustment
- Photos are saved at Full RESOLUTION so no details are lost!
- Fast Processing even on large photos!
- No crash when dealing with 2MP or 3MP photos
- Send your photos to friends or save to your album

Camera Flash Deluxe is the new, highly sophisticated camera flash application for the iPhone, iPhone 3G and the iPhone 3Gs, adding greater functionality and possibilities to the iPhone, taking full advantage of all hardware and software resources.

It enables you to obtain photos in highest possible quality. You are only restricted by the camera hardware itself.

The user interface is very clear and easy-to-use, giving you a professional experience of iPhone photography.

We use current technology to ensure your pictures come out looking perfect.




It is a great app but keep adding stuff to edit photos... There are a few free apps that have better edit features than this app.. and add a feature to edit videos also that will be epic.. WE ARE LOOKING FOR APPS THAT REPLACE IPHONE'S ORIGINAL APPS SO MAKE ME REPLACE THE IPHONE'S CAMERA APP FOR THIS ONE!! 

Nice lil gadget

It's ok app

Bugus ratings

I want my dollar back too! This app is a total waste and only took me 1 min to realize it. Who are these 5 star people?friends of the developer???

Useless application!
Crock o iPod user

This app is horrid! It's so bad I really want my dollar back. At the end of the day, I'm the idiot for thinking the flash would work for dark pictures!


Crap .... "what did he say"...THIS APP IS CRAP... No good

Changes exposure, not a flash
Tian V

There is some confusion about what this app actually does- I didn't know until I bought it. Rather than add a flash to the iPhone camera ( which is what I was hoping for), it allows you to adjust the exposure lighter or darker. It does a fairly good job & you can apply multiple times to increase the effect, however it lacks fine control. Adobe's Photoshop iPhone app is a much better option for doing this (and lots more), although I don't remember the price for it (probably more).

ant r

if you have ANY other photo editing app, stay away from this one. results aren't nearly as good as in the preview of the app. get PhotoFX and don't waste a $1 on this.

Great app but...

but it needs a rotate feature in the actions... i took a screenshot with my iphone and it was during a video... meaning landscape... i turn it landscape in my photos to read it and then it does its default thing... rotating itself to my position holding the iphone... so in an update, please put in a rotate... thank you

Great flash

This is a great app. I was reluntant at first. I can not beleive how well this works.


It works get it

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