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Flag calls, set reminders, add notes, and share calls with CRM, co-workers, family or friends. With iovox, you can do more than just call.
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Actively take notes while on a call so you don't have to remember everything that happened after the call. Manage all your calls including regular calls, WhatsApp, Facetime, Facebook Messenger, Skype and more. Share calls with friends, family and co-workers for enhanced communication. Increase productivity, set reminders, share comments and create tasks for more effective team collaboration. iovox is here to help you keep track of all your calls and get more things done with our custom call analytics* and management platform.

With iovox you can:

Always on-the-go and on the road? Struggling to maintain your CRM data? With iovox, when you finish a business call on a mobile phone (or desktop), with the press of a button, you can automatically share those call details and any comments directly into ZohoCRM. Don’t worry, only you choose the calls that get shared with ZohoCRM or others.

Flag, tag, share and add notes to all your calls including WhatsApp, Facetime, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Microsoft Teams and more.

Use keywords to tag important calls and clearly organize your call data. Easy to use with full customization.

Easily find and revisit important calls with a simple flag. Set reminders, create to-do lists, schedule follow-ups, and never lose your to-do list again.

Create groups and share your call details with friends, family, co-workers or individuals to bring true collaboration to your call activity. Create custom groups, communicate and share important action items following a call. You can now share this call information with 3rd party apps too.

Take private notes or turn your speech directly into text for on-the-go convenience. These notes are private and only visible to you.

Shared comments are also available for group communication and collaboration. These can only be viewed by members of the group the call is shared with.

Effortlessly search all your calls, contacts, notes and reminders - across all devices. Search by group or tag to ensure you never miss anything important.

Tag, search and filter your entire call history across all devices – desk phones included. 30 days of data storage included for free or upgrade for unlimited.

Increase work productivity and personal productivity by grouping together people you collaborate with on projects or topics. Quickly share call details, notes, comments and tasks. Increase organization and productivity by sharing tasks after calls and to-do reminders among team members or directly into a CRM* system.

Sync all your contacts and add the details to each new call. Share your contacts with other users so they know who is calling too. Import contact information directly into your CRM** system.

Take a closer look at specific call details like location, time, result and duration.

Take notes right from your desk and access your entire phone call history all in one place, on mobile and web.

Take advantage of our custom call analytics* desktop dashboard at to view powerful analytics and detailed insights to enhance your business and personal work flow, at no additional cost.

Unlimited data storage, CRM** connectors for Salesforce and Dynamics and more coming soon.


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* Call Analytics are currently only available on our web-based desktop at
** Additional CRM system coming soon


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