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Call of Duty®: Heroes is free iOS app published by Activision Publishing, Inc.

For the players that is perfect game really

player 134242

For the players that is perfect game really I love her

Not cool


Since I downloaded the new version update I can not open this game anymore

Can’t get new update?


Unable to get new update help!!!

Good game


It’s good recommended if ur bored

Major issues.


Game consistently crashes and doesn’t open when I try to open it. When I can get it working I’m constantly losing resources due to players 3x my level constantly attacking my base.

I’m addicted


I’ve played for 400 hours!

Decent game


Just a decent pay to win strategy type deal. Pretty fun for what it is. I like it

Version 4.9

Version vs iOS update

Keeps crashinf



Wow really good work you guys you made an awesome mobile cod game but you should have when you damage units their health goes down like instead of shooting then stopping and back to shooting you should have their weapons and the health go down so it looks realistic. Please add health monitor.



This game rocks