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This is a fake call From Vampire. All you have to do is just open the app.
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Games Free JAWAD WADOUNI iPhone, iPad, iPod

Select Start calling to get call back and just wait for your phone to ring.
Give the phone to the person who should be getting the call and in a few seconds ansewr the phone.
prank your friends, girlfriend, family, etc... with call From Vampire.


Do not download

This is fake and it says that you will die and they are coming to kill you. DONT GET THIS.

Don’t download this app!!!
Jessica J brown

It’s a phon call where she tells you you’re going to die tonight .. you’re all going to die tonight and I’m going to find you. Absolutely horrible

ATTENTION PARENTS - Do NOT download this app!!!

I am absolutely disgusted! She says, "You will die tonight; I will find you and I will kill you." Oh, and she laughs after. Lovely. I mean seriously?? My poor daughter is crying and petrified. Keep your sick, twisted nonsense for the wackos on the web; don't ruin a child's love of a Disney character. Apple, please remove this app!!!

Anthony Navarro

I’m extremely disgusted with this app. My 3 year old sister was playing with it while I heard it saying things like “I will kill you” - thankfully, I took it away before she said anymore, but please remove this app. Disgusting.

Warning- Do Not Open

Shame on Apple! This app is sick and deceitful and now my daughter can't sleep because she heard Vamparina say 'she will find and kill her'. Believe the reviews- they are true!


Do not download or play this app to your young ones. Says phrases such as "I will find you, & I will kill you." And threatening to kill not only them but their family as well. Not suitable for young children and can be scary/traumatizing.

Just ads

Doesn’t work just ads

This is fine
emma the runner

I don’t know why parents are getting so butt hurt over this she just says wanna play let’s fly and all that stuff the kids like I listen hyped up for somthing scary but all I got was a kids app which what is it so parents who downlowded this do it again and listen it’s normal

OMG Don’t Worry

These parents reviews are so fake. Vampirina doesn’t say she will find and kill your child or whatever. She simply says things like “Wanna play?” and “Let’s be friends!” in a very nice, sweet voice. Plz stop lying about this app.