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Calendars by Readdle is free iOS app published by Readdle Inc.



synced well with other devices

A serious tool


This app is a part of my life. I’ve used it daily since 2012. I recently began using the Apple Watch and I only wish this app had a watch version. Cons: Typing in date or time format auto-assigns the date and/or time of the event when I usually don’t want that.

Rate app

dex the deer

Very easy to use and shows everything I have on up coming dates with out leaving main screen.

Some events do not appear


It is nice but I notice some of my events from google calendar do not appear on this this essentially makes it useless for me. Will upgrade my review if the issue is fixed. Inform me.

Love Love Love this app!


I download a lot of different apps, but this one I use every day! Love the colored time blocks to see what I’m doing quickly. And it syncs with my Apple calendar and my google calendar. Love it!!

Seriously disappointed when I saw Easter not listed as a holiday... but insignificant holidays were


Seriously? They don’t have Easter down as a Holiday? It the most important Holiday to myself and millions of other Christians. Yet Earth day and other bogus holidays are on it? I think it is time to phase this calendar out on my phone and download another one.


kas kej

Especially display of day can be better


The 2th dr

I like to see the month at a glance but I don’t like that I can’t write notes unless I pay to upgrade.

I would be lost without this app


My favorite calendar app after trying many. I have used this calendar for at least 2 years. It syncs well with my google mail. And I’ve honestly never had any issues in the time I’ve used it. Love it!!

Encourages the use of keeping a calendar

Horse n' a Dog

Design with a layout for an alternate method to enter a schedule item's various details The ability to quickly enter all details of a schedule date entry due to choice selection menus makes creating appointments a breeze. I found the ol' roll-a-dail method to be a tad bit enough cumbersome that I choose not to use the calendar as frequently as I would prefer to have the calendar tool working for me. This calendar encourages me to the calendar tool as the best means on time steady track task and appointment listing set up to push me out the door to be on time for my next accomplishment. Gotta go now. My Calendar alert just went of for me to complete my next $ task.