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Calendars by Readdle is free iOS app published by Readdle Inc.

Sync does nothing


I really like this app’s interface but the biggest issue I have is with the syncing between devices. I use this on my phone and my iPad and it is supposed to sync with my google calendar as well as my husbands. I have to log out of the app to get the updates I’m expecting to see when I use Sync. Please fix this.

Too many ads!

Jax_Lady, Florida

Every time I edit an event I have to decline the pay version. I just switched to iPhone & miss my aCalendar (nice and colorful, no ads ever).

Decent but needs improving


Pros: syncs with Google calendar, event creation easier, allows color coding and has different views for day, week, month. Easy to quickly jump ahead by day, week, or month. Cons: interface selecting dates and times is hilariously bad because it arranges dates and times in a table, so you have to scan around a table of 20 something times looking for 12pm vs 12am, as an example, and then you have to select 0, 15, 30, 45 on the bottom for the minutes. (seriously? Where is a simple scroll menu to select times and AM and PM that's on every single other ios app??) secondly, the tasks feature is annoying. The repeat function doesn't work. Also, it needs an option to keep a task visible until it's checked completed, without having to click through the menus and inboxes to get to a task list. You'd think that would be possible by using the repeat function, but it didn't work for me. Overall this isn't planning app on steroids I wished for, but it'll get the job done.



I’ve used this (free) app for 5 years! Never experienced any crashes, glitches or issues! 100% clean design, easy to use! I’m getting a new phone in 2 months, the first app I’m PURCHASING is this one! Yes I’m willing to spend the & and upgrade because although the free app has always taken care of my needs. I feel I owe ReAddle for being a superior calendar handling all my basic day to day needs. I would be completely unorganized without this app! Thanks app developers whoever you are!

Don’t understand the charges...


Overall, the calendar is not bad, but I don’t understand how it is different from the $6.99 version? They seem identical to me. Also, I use the interesting calendar feature because I like keeping up with the Tribe, and I got charged $6.99 and it’s supposed to only be like $2.99 or $3.99...what’s up with that? So I thought maybe there was some upgrade I was unaware of, but no...same old calendar. And I’d also like it if there was color coding for different types of reminders...the colors do change when you enter events/notes, but they don’t seem to signify anything other than functioning as a border. I have to say, it could be better.

Worth the upgrade cost

kate gee

I am still not sure almost a decade later why Mac choose to separate out task reminders and the calendar on the desktop. Figuring out when to do the stuff you need to do - and to have it all in one place - seems like the logical efficient approach. Luckily Readle fills this gap really well. I have found the app extremely efficient, and impressively reliable - it updates my iOS calendar instantly- and imports reminders that I write by talking to Siri without a problem. I also integrated my trello calendars without issue etc. My favorite is how easy it is to set multiple reminders. And the logical way you can write a calendar event. Why Apple can’t get this right is just mind boggling. My biggest disappointment is that they don’t have a version of the app for my Mac (as far as I can tell.) It’s not a problem per se., only insofar as I’m spoiled now and really notice all the inefficiency in the old calendar. Ugh. Kudos Readdle, and please let me know if you do make a desktop version - I would happily pay another 15-20 dollars to escape the iOS one!!

Need a Normal Week View


Could be the best calendar app on the App Store but they’re missing one main feature a normal week view. Would not recommend until they add A normal week sectionπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž

Love this calendar


Very easy to use.



This is the absolute best app ever!!! It has helped me so much in organization. It is just so among I have to no words to describe it. Just the best need to download it now

Great APP!!


My busy schedule has forced me to upgrade to an online app. After doing a little research, I found that this one is Perfect for my needs. I like the reminders, and can set them appropriately. I can use multiple tabs, which I appreciate, and it keeps me updated all day long without fault. I've been using it for over a month now, and love it more, every day.