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Calendars by Readdle is free iOS app published by Readdle Inc.

Best calendar App


I use this app most for calendars, but need to add the “Today “ option at bottom of screen for quick, easy return back to current date.

Default calendar entries


I like the app. But...I hate that you put default entries such as holidays Tgat cannot be deleted. Please allow an update where we can remove these default entries and use the limited small space on the monthly calendar for what we want.

Needs better visual options.


I would appreciate being able to set another color scheme (ie dark background) and changing font sizes throughout the app- especially in month and week mode. I like to set a smaller font size so I can read more of my event title on month mode. I would pay extra for these abilities as an add-on in Calendar 5. I want them that bad.



Fantastic design & information able to enter. Love it!



I’m pretty much obsessed with this app and would probably die without it. I’ve had it for maybe 2 years and I’ll never go to anything else. I love that the calendar syncs to my google calendar so I can see my stuff on my Mac too. I keep my running Target, grocery store, hardware store, and to do lists on here so they’re always ready. Top notch, well thought out app. 👍🏼



It’s a good app, but I don’t like that I have to purchase it in order to gain access to the repeat function and other functions.


A. Bettis

Love this calendar! It’s so convenient being able to see the month at a glance instead of those darn dots! I just wish they had more color options!!!



I really really rarely ever write reviews, but this app is just perfect. It had exactly everything I wanted!

It’s best app


This app is a very awesome handy app! When you set it to sync with Google Calendar, it automatically posts Google Calendar as well. I tried the other 5 calendar apps at the same time. Overall I did not like other apps besides this app.



I just wish I could find a tutorial online so I could truly find out if this is an amazing calendar. Everything I've seen simply flits by so fast I have no idea what they did. If there is such a thing please let me know. We don't all have time to just play with our phones to figure things out. I would also like to change the default color for events.