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Calendars by Readdle is free iOS app published by Readdle Inc.

Nice App


UPDATE: Thank you goes to the development team and their willingness to listen to our concerns. I can now receive alerts on my Apple Watch 3 series 🤗!!! This may seem little to some but it’s a huge deal for me. Great app but it’s not compatible with the Apple Watch. Therefore I had to delete it. However, if and when it becomes compatible, I will definitely download it.

Red badge does not work


STILL the red badge is alway one to two days off. Very annoying and this bug needs to be fixed.

Love this calendar, however


Is there anyway to save the events on the months that pass. I usually have to go back to see what day I had an appointment to make the next one but all the appointments erase after that month is done. I would give it 5 stars but this has been a problem for me.

Ok, but has flaws


The calendar badge icon will not hold the current day number. No matter what I put the settings on, the number date will not stay true.



This app so far is the best one I have found for personalizing my things. I was wondering if the TV and Sports Calendars get updated? A lot of shows I watch I couldn’t find, sport teams I couldn’t find, Bruins, Manchester United, etc, I paid the extra money and I got something but looking for more????

Great app for doctors appointments.


Fast, easy to use, and comes equipped with helpful reminders.

Very good app


Easy to use Works well with my other calendars



The only recommendation I would have would be that for a single event on a day that the whole box would highlight for the color event...not just the tiny color change on the left side of your event. When I schedule a 4 day event, I really like how the whole block is a particular color. It would be helpful to have that for a single day event as well.

pay for reoccurring events


I am not going to manually put in every reoccurring event I have and I refuse to pay for something so simple that is ridiculous

Disappearing events


Twice now events I had in my calendar have disappeared. Not reliable. Missed Appts and who knows what else. Looking for a new calendar app.