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Calendars by Readdle is free iOS app published by Readdle Inc.

Love 💕 it


Love the auto sync across all devices



Best calendar app ive used so far

Perfect Planner


Love this app. I usually carry around a planner but I change bags so much. This app works so well and it's easy to use. I love how I can sync my calendars if I choose. The only issue is I don't understand what in app purchases come with? What am I unlocking when I pay $6.99? I would love to know because this is definently my go to app now.

Only three day three

Tyler gilert

New day

Ridiculous Calendar


This is IMPOSSIBLE to use. You have no control over the interface.

Good calendar except for long term tracking


Except that month’s events disappear after a couple months, the other features are all great.

Fast to present.


Fast to present.



it forced me to link one of my previous calendars from either apple or google. the purpose of me downloading a calendar app was so that i could start fresh.

Bug errors


Really annoyed because I paid money for this app and I have been noticing annoying little bugs I can't get around. I have reoccurring events every month that look exactly the same visually. I write "sb 10-3" to indicate the city I'm working in and hours. If I am working an unusual 3-8 and want to change that in the calendar, it automatically deletes the time I'm working from the title and only shows "sb" which is extremely annoying. I want to look at it at a glance and know when I'm working. It also visually does not display in the same way. The title is not filled in, it's blank. I checked the settings and they are both set to the same settings yet it looks and displays different. I've tried copying and pasting but when I change the time in the title, the same problem arises. Another issue is that it will fight me when I put like "10-8". For some reason it thinks I'm working 10am till 8am the next morning. I have to manually change the date and time and when I do it automatically deletes the time from the title, which again, I really wish I wouldn't do. I really wish it wouldn't try to autocorrect because it makes more errors and problems for me. Another issue is that it won't let me delete an event?? When I tap delete it just doesn't delete. Really annoying. Please fix this or I'll be switching apps.



Rock solid, versatile, rapid Customer Service responses!! AAA+