Calendars by Readdle Reviews

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Calendars by Readdle is free iOS app published by Readdle Inc.

I like it


The paid version gets rid of that annoying pop up. This app does exactly what I wanted it to do. Two things I don't like. On more than 1 occasion it asks to allow notifications. I wish the weekly view showed Sunday-Saturday

Excellent Calendar App and Super Customer Support


Have been using this calendar for over 5 years. Excellent software with loads of options to make your events and reminders easy. Customer support, less than 12 hrs response, personalized answer. Highly recommend this app.👍👍👍👍👍



I just wish I could find a tutorial online so I could truly find out if this is an amazing calendar. Everything I've seen simply flits by so fast I have no idea what they did. If there is such a thing please let me know. We don't all have time to just play with our phones to figure things out. I would also like to change the default color for events.

Fantastic App!


Fantastic App! Love it.



It is awesome the only problem I don’t like is that we have to pay for some stuff on it. 😬

So far so good, but...


Easy to use and navigate. Wish free version lets me create recurring events, but synchronizing with iPhone’s default calendar app does the trick, so it’s ok. One improvement to make would be a seamless scroll up/down to the previous/following month. This would be helpful in the first/last few days of the month.



The calendar display options (appt title, week, month, etc) work the way my brain does.

Not syncing and auto correct makes me miss appts


I used to love this app. Just today I tried to enter a lunch meeting at Ruby Tuesday and couldn’t find the appointment anywhere. Well the app thinks it’s smarter than me so it put the lunch date on Tuesday instead of the actual date I picked. This has happened multiple times. I’m also noticing it won’t sync with my computer so the calendars are different. So frustrating.

Good App. Needs Apple Watch App.

Simply Claire

Wish there was a slightly easier way to scroll thru the month view without having to use two fingers. Also really would love to have it compatible with my Apple Watch.

It is very good but


It’s an awesome app! I wish they make the Mac version and the windows version too! It would be so productive for me to have it on my both laptops!