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Calendars 5 by Readdle is paid iOS app published by Readdle Inc.



Excellent calendar and task manager.

Strange holidays


Love this calendar app. Until recently a strange, non English holiday, Eid al Fita, appears on several months. WTH is that? Muslim holiday. Deleting and will get an America’s Holiday calendar

Needs multi-link


If I make a calendar event through Wunderlist, this event can not make other links to Agenda, Evernote, Omnifocus 3, etc. If Fantastical 2 support multi-link, it will be more productive.

Calendars 5 review


This version is not very user friendly. It lacks the ability to set multiple alerts for a single event, it’s limited to only a few colors to choose from when setting up a new event. Busy people that live off there schedule calendar would probably not like this calendar app. for these reasons. The old version worked much better...

Love this app!

Not Happy with App!

I have tried a lot of CAL apps, and I like this one the best! The only thing I wish that had was priority levels on tasks & sub-tasks. On the task LIST, you used to be able to hold down on a list and move the order, but you can’t do it anymore.

Cannot jump to date

Cannot go directly to a date, must use multiple taps in order to view specific dates



A very good app but it does not keep past events for long. I wish it could retain past schedules for future reference

Best calendar app till now

Aditya Gujral

Used a bunch of free apps before using this calendar 5, but calendar 5 was worth the purchase. It makes adding tasks very easy and has a bunch of custom options for reminders and repeating events

Love this Calendar5

Mac Medix

I am using Calendar5 way more than I used to use Apple Cal. Calendar5 is so much better thought out it is amazing. Btw: it can also sync with any CalDav server so you may run your own if you want to. Some ways Cal5 is better; • shows events in monthly view, not just a dot. • Colors! • Task list (=Reminders) • List view! • Notes area is easy to see & use. • Event entry is WAY better! • Time picker is great • Date picker is great. • I disabled natural language input. UPDATE Sept 2016: still love it! UPDATE June 2018: still using Calendar5 daily, still a fav app. I use BusyCal on Mac which is similar & I like that too.

Task function is not perfect

iphone x!!!

Calendars 5 not support google calendar’s “goal” function. Cannot add location on tasks. Task function does not work with or sync with google reminders. Tasks sync with iPhone reminders show “overdue”.