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NS Vault is the ultimate privacy app for photos, videos, notes and other information on your iPhone. It’s deceptive and disguised design makes it impossible for hackers and other users from discovering your hidden data. To maintain complete secrecy, the app has a generic calculator icon which prevents snoopers from identifying NS vault on your iPhone. The next security layer involves entering a specific code inside a calculator app to access the user-interface. In all, NS vault is the most secretive and secure data privacy app you can get for the iPhone.
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Lock Photos and videos:
Take secured photos on the fly or import from gallery, you also have the option to securely download and password protect images taken from your web browser.
Secured Gallery:
Secured gallery allows you to organize, view and play all your locked images and videos inside a protected and discreet interface.
Lock Audios:
Lock private and confidential audio recordings and conversations either by importing through web browser or by selecting specific audio files through the phone’s internal storage.
Secure Notes:
Whether you want to create a list of secret things to do, or write down your private feelings, you can do so securely with the ‘Notes’ feature.
Lock Documents:
Secure your confidential documents.
To do List:
Manage your task to do.
Secured Password and Credentials:
Create and lockdown sensitive credentials for your bank accounts, computer logins, credit cards, email accounts, social networks, e-banking, instant messenger and many other categories.
Dropbox Backup:
Conveniently backup your locked data into Dropbox. Prevent loss of sensitive data and restore your data in case of loss or theft of device.
Recover lost password:
You don’t have to worry about forgetting your password. You can conveniently, retrieve your lost password through your registered email.
Multiple Security Locks:
Choose from a multitude of security locks, you have the option to setup a calculator lock, touch ID, PIN, Pattern or password.
Secondary Security Features:
Decoy Mode:
Prevent other users on your phone from accessing your locked data, create a fake username and password to convince others you have nothing to hide.
Panic Switch:
Prevent shoulder surfers and snoopers from seeing your sensitive data, enable panic switch to quickly switch to another app.
Disguise Mode:
Confuse snoopers by enabling a fake error message box, it displays a fake crash notification to thwart further attempts on hacking your data.


Password Recovery

Anyone know how to retrieve passlock?


The app crashes contanstly while scrolling through the album. Trying to move photos between albums isn’t working even though I’m definitely selecting the right ones. It keeps moving other ones. Also there should be an option to play videos on repeat instead of just kicking you out of the video.


When will you fix the crashing problem?? Please help

Really Good!


This seems to be a fair price app

I have used photo vault for years but I ran out of memory on my phone due to photo vault. Apparently when you delete videos, photo vault doesn’t free up that memory. I deleted the app and gained 35 GB. I then went in search for a new vault and discovered this one. So far; it seems like a very good vault and with the $5 per year full feature version , it has a lot of bells and whistles. One feature I like is the error message that displays if someone launches the app and don’t follow up with the proper procedure to access the contents. Like I said, I’ve used a similar app for 5 years, this one is a strong competitor. I am in no way affiliated with the developer. I was a bit reluctant at first due to calculator icon but it has proven itself valuable. Good to hide your porn and “home videos”, (wink wink nod nod) .

App is very good

This app is very good to hide photos and videos from parents or etc defiantly buy

This app crashes all the time
I'm stretch

Don’t get this app you will not be able to get your pictures back off it. It crashes all the time.

Doesn’t work on my iPad 6th gen

App works great on my iPhone, 13 mini however when I try to use it on my ipad with iCloud backup. I paid for the premium subscription. So when select restore purchase it just has an unknown error every time. So 5 stars if I could get it to work on my ipad.


Great simple app

Forgot password

Idk how to do the forgot password part

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