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Cal – Shared Calendar, Daily Organizer, Weekly Planner

Cal is a free, simple & smart calendar app for your iPhone. With a fast, intuitive and beautifully designed interface Cal is the only Calendar app you'd want to have on your homescreen.
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With Cal:

■ It's really easy to create an event - As you type Cal recognizes who you want to meet and where you want to go.

■ Each day starts with a fresh & gorgeous photo to celebrate the day in a fun way.

■ Task tracker: Supercharge your calendar and handle tasks in the same place by connecting Cal to - our award winning task app that weaves perfectly into your calendar.

■ Seamlessly connects with all your existing calendar services so you're always up to date.

■ Daily Planning is made simple. By connecting Cal with Any.DO you can check out your tasks for the day.

■ It's always someone's birthday. Write on your friends wall, buy a gift, make a call, or send them a message. It's really easy.

■ It's easy to find great places, restaurants & bars nearby for your events.

■ Scheduling made easy - Simply jump to a specific date from the month view or swipe to next week.

■ Need a ride? Call an Uber with one click from Cal (available on supported locations)

Cal was designed to capture the moments that are vital to making it a good day but rarely get scheduled in. Cal is here to help you balance life, work, and ‘me time’ without letting anything slip through the cracks.

A uniquely designed interface gives you clear perspective on what’s on the horizon of your day and what’s already been accomplished. As your day goes along, Cal is right there with you, up to speed on your progress with a host of newly designed features that add to your momentum.

With Cal, important life moments like birthdays and anniversaries aren't just remembered, they're celebrated. Contact, location, and social integration allows you to send messages and plan festivities right in the app itself. It's like having a magic wand at your fingertips.

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Cal shared calendar

This was my choice of a replacement calendar for Sunrise calendar, clearly it is not Sunrise calendar by any stretch of your imagination. Cal has a new nice look and simple design. The calendar works nicely with Any-do to do lists. The calendar allows you to enter an event and set custom reminders. The calendar does well at inviting people from your contacts and finding location information. I couldn't give a five star rating since I have really only used it a short time and haven't truly tested three limitations of the calendar app.

Please please fix the bugs.

I love the look of this app. I’ve downloaded the app sometimes ago and I wanted to use it now. The last update was done 3 years ago... Are you planning to have more updates to fix bugs? I log an event 3 times today and is not showing on the Cal... What can I do?!

Worst Calendar App

This is the worst calendar app I’ve ever tried which is too bad because it is nice looking. Unfortunately none of my appointments show. The only way to get an appointment to show up is to shut my phone off and turn it back on. That is ridiculous. This could be a great app but they have work to do to get it there. I just deleted it.

freezes and lags like crazy

wish y’all would fix that. it’s been years. besides that, I like it a lot

Like it

I am really big on a good calendar that syncs with other calendars and so far this one works great. There are a few little bugs but it does sync with my I-watch calendar so that makes me happy.

Overview, summary list??

Is there a way to view a list of everything for the month? I have a separate calendar where I’ve been tracking my time. now I need to see all the entries for this month and add them up. Do I really have to scroll day by day??

Wonderful tool
Spooky grumps

Really easy to use easier to see days and items better than Google. Only down side is when entering event it seems to take a day to actually appear in calendar. Sometimes a commitment made at 8 is not viewable that same day when you are trying to add another


Such an aesthetically pleasing app but so so so unreliable. Always crashes. Completely unusable.

Won’t delete events

For the past month or so I’ve been trying to delete a recurring event and the app freezes every time. Outside of that I love the app.

Very buggy

Tried setting up an appt. on Nov 5, 2016 three times. Once it saved it to today's date. Once it saved to Nov. 6. Once more and it duplicated it on today's date. Could not erase any of the three events! Very frustrating...

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