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BuzHub: Your Own Groupchat

Unique group chat with autodelete feature and silent mode feature. You can easily build a community and have public or private group chat. This group chat use messaging platform with many unique features.
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Finance Free Mobile Interactive LLC iPhone, iPad, iPod

Chat with friends or join group chats, send instant messages, you can discuss US stocks, options, futures and cryptocurrencies, check upcoming earnings and dividend events, share photos and files, and do more.

Quiet (silent) mode: Send quiet messages when you research stocks and share what you find at midnight without notification sounds to your trading buddy. You can also create silent-mode group chat for notification-friendly discussion (everyone sends silent message by default in this type of group chat).

Read Receipt: Make sure some important messages get read by particular recipients in a group chat.

Easily access and check earnings calendar and dividend calendar information in the stock market community.


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