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Bunch Group Video Chat & Games is free iOS app published by Z1, LLC

Bunch!!!...My new favorite group video chat app


I really like being able to facetime with my gang and play games in the same time. It’s supeeeeer FUN!!! Our new addiction is playing live hq trivia through bunch. First time ever we all made it the question 11. Almost got the prize...Also we love playing heads up together. It’s way more fun than playing with cards. Try it and thank me later ;)

It’s like facetime with games


So much fun to FaceTime friends while playing games! I like solving HQ Trivia questions with friends live. Charades is like Heads Up but on vide chat. Looking forward to seeing more games on the app. Highly recommended

The best app


This app is the best and for your friends to

What’s happening?

fellow bleeder

It won’t let me go past the ‘allow microphone and camera’ screen!

No hearing


I couldn’t hear my friend, and my friend couldn’t hear me, I kept pressing the microphone to see if it works but it didn’t work, don’t get me wrong it looks great but my friend and I couldn’t hear

The game is glitchy


And won’t let me play with my friends on 2-4 games it makes me upset fix it please otherwise it’s good



Can you do it on an iPod

Has potential


This app may have just came out so there is little content right now. There are only 3 games that you can play with your friends but it does incorporate video / voice chat. I'm sure with more time and users there will be more games added.