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Bunch Group Video Chat & Games is free iOS app published by Z1, LLC

To:you from:isaac


You should download this app it’s free and there is no paying monthly you can also play games with friends make sure to ask If you can add more game if suggesting



I love this app! It allows me to talk to my friends without having to call them. Also it sparks some needed rivalry in each other.

Bunch come on !!😠😩


Ok Bunch is a wonderful app but whenever I’m in a group face time with friends my fave turns black and I have to leave and rejoin!!!! Please FIX THIS!!

Screen Mishaps

Bunch Tram

Bunch was working fine the first few months I got it. But now me and my friends screens aren’t showing up or if they do they just show their profile picture or turn black. I hope that this will be fixed soon. Thanks for listening.

Better than discord


My new favorite app to play games like Roblox with my buddies

Great but one problem


I like t but when I try to upload a picture for my profile picture nothing happens. Because I want to keep my face secret if you can fix this thanks you ^-^ I think if you a you tuber this might be fun with friends or fans

how to delete account?


i love the app but i don’t need it anymore, how do i delete my account?



It’s a fun game but it’s just that you cannot play by yourself when your friend or friends can’t play



The audio works but face doesn’t work with Fortnite I’m using an iPhone 7

It’s so much fun!

Chuck atli

Best way to play games and hang out with my friends. We love playing charades, and mars dash is like Mario kart on video chat. If you love HQ Trivia, you can also solve the questions with your friends even when you are away. Def. recommended!