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Bunch Group Video Chat & Games is free iOS app published by Z1, LLC

Won’t let me make an account.

Help or no help

I really want to FaceTime my friends while playing games but I can’t create an account unfortunately. I really need help

Create account problems


First of all this app is a amazing idea and the idea of the app is like 4 ⭐️ and 5 ⭐️ if it works (just download it haven’t tried it) Second, I just downloaded it and already have a problem creating an account I put my phone number and it never sent me the code. I had to put my facebook account in even if I didn’t wanted to I’m pretty sure that this app is going to be great The only thing that this app need is • more games • fix the creating account phone number problem

You need this fixed

Destiny the monokuma fan

So I was playing with my stepbrother on it and then out of nowhere we couldn’t see or hear each other so you need to fix this because it gets me mad and we can not see the text that we send each other on it

Profile Problems


The app won't let me create a profile. I've tried both options, using Facebook and using my phone number. The app asks for a profile picture and then the Continue button fails. That happens whether I give a profile picture or not. I'd say the app freezes when I press the Continue button, except I'm still able to change the profile picture. Not sure what's happening. I would very much like to change my review when I have real experience with the app. I'm using an iPhone 7 with the latest OS. Update: Apparently I needed to create a username and the username field was getting hid behind the inactive continue button. I did find a way around it, but it needs to be prevented in the future.


Melle E.

It is a fun app that helped me and my friends do a group chat and play together at the same time and just be able to hear and watch there reactions to the games! Nice app!

I Love it

Sucker for pain remix

I love it. I stay up all night playing it with my friends. One thing me and my friends always play sims free play so I think

Not good


This app is terrible thy send me the number but is says error over and over then I tell them to send it again but the same thing appended ugh 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

Great app


It is great. There are no glitches or anything like that


cute Alliecat

It’s a really good app cause you can play games and FaceTime more people I only have one friend from school it’s really fun to use enjoy



This game is amazing!!!