Bunch Group Video Chat & Games Reviews

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Bunch Group Video Chat & Games is free iOS app published by Z1, LLC



i love this because you can facetime and play yours games

This is cool


This app is cool can’t wait for one of my friends to play with me

You game are super cool

review me plz roblox

Thx game


alaina artola

I love this app it’s so fun

The picture lied!!


I saw a picture of this app on instagram and it showed a group of people playing roblox and FaceTiming at the same time. Tell me why my friends and I downloaded this app and it was just like how we were doing before. Yup we just put our number in this app and our names into this app that is useless.

Middle finger


Rip of




Best app ever, but can have improvements!

Alex_ YT

Bunch is one of my favorite group chat app yet! But the bad thing about it is you have to install games to play them on bunch. Well that’s for me. iPhone 6s user! Aside from that, it’s awesome, time to move away from negative to positive thinking. I enjoy playing with friends and family. And how fun it is to chat WHATEVERRR you want. I ❤️ 🥔


Julie boii

This app is so amazing and it never glitches when I play my games and my phone had never overheated unlike the other ones! I been on this for one hour playing games with my cuz on the bunch app FaceTiming and never overheated and the other one I was ten minutes and it Already over heated it was another app that did that.

Needs Androids


I downloaded this app because I thought I’d be able to play with my best and only friend on Minecraft but instead we found out that it’s only for iPhone and iPad! We were really excited to play but now we can’t. It’s still a REALLY good app and I would recommend installing it if you have an iPhone or iPad but if you could, you should REALLY make it an android app as well. PLEASE do this! Thank you for reading this!