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Gameroom is the first-ever group video chat app where you can play games live with your friends. Trying to FaceTime with a group? Gameroom lets you video chat with up to 8 of your friends. Once you have invited your friends to your Room you can then start playing multiplayer games with them like Flappy Lives, Tic Tac Toe and Charades. Watch and listen to your friends in real time as they give you clues to words in categories like Music, Actors and 18+.
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Social Networking Free Z1, LLC iPhone, iPad, iPod

Featured Games:

Charades - Sing, dance, act or describe clues to help your friends guess the word!
Tic Tac Toe - The classic game that you have to play at least once
Flappy Lives - Flap through the pipes with friends
Marsdash - Race with friends on the hills of mars

Suggest us your favorite game if you want to play it with your friends on Gameroom :)

Questions / support / suggestions?
-Email: [email protected]
-Twitter: DM @joingameroom



Is A Really Cool App And You Playing And I Think Live In Bunch


It said there was movies and I cannot find anywhere where it says movies.

good app

very good app i can call with friends. good quality!!!!

Very good app

It is not that glitchy and you can make group chats


How do you get more games on this?

It’s awesome
kevin bustoz

Super cool

A gamer 1357

I think it’s a great app but I wish that it had email or ICloud as an option since I don’t have Facebook and I have an iPod touch so I don’t have a phone number

Idk poo poo

Hello it’s not my style

Rylee rock star

I love the app but it needs more fun games like a lot not just the games they have on there


So first it was fun we played games while calling each other.Oh and the camera is very laggy and you cannot hear the other person’s voice so we just called and then went on bunch.Anyway she said she left the game and I asked her to rejoin but she couldn’t leave the game.Then I FaceTimes her so it would take her out of the app.It did for a little while but then it just took her back to Bunch.I said to just turn off her phone and she did and I also heard her clicking the button but it wouldn’t turn off it just kept her on Bunch.I am actually calling her while typing this and her phone is still on Bunch.Also when she was not stuck on Bunch and could leave the game we were playing Mars Dash but it would keep giving me a notification to write a review and stuff like that and it would make me stop or miss a jump.So I turned of notifications in settings and it still gave me that notification.So PLEASE DO NOT BUY IT MAY GIVE YOU A VIRUS!

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