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3/5 rating based on 50 reviews. Read all reviews for Bullistic for iPhone.
Bullistic is free iOS app published by Millipede Creative Development


Silver Brain

Much better now , more fun , greater levels it's so much better than angry birds a game to have!

Lovers game


This is so better than angry birds

Its fine


I thing you should maki this game be paid and make the super charecter be free in the paid game but the update makes the game so much better but not better then angry birds becose need mor bulles im sorry not good :/

Love it!


Prefer it to angry birds.



At home on medical recovery, so just looking for things to keep me occupied during bouts of boredom, this fit the bill rather well. I will honestly say that I really do go mostly for free apps, because I often lose interest quickly, so I can not give an opinion of the extra bulls... My loss I am sure, but if compared to Angry Birds, this has a bit more physics and a bit less diversity.

Fun game


Lots of fun. Similar concept to Angry Birds.



I love it!!

I love it

Tor Samuelsson

I actually really love this game (:


Si Chern Er

The game art is awesome and the gameplay itself is so much fun

Love this game!


A lot of fun with bulls in a china shop

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