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Bullistic is free iOS app published by Millipede Creative Development

Who cares what they say


I love it keep it up guys



Much better angry birds free Not funny

Look guys,


They developers said on TA and on here that its a clone of angry birds, but I like this better. This controls are MUCH more responsive and it has a better feel to it. That, and unlike angry birds, Bullistic isnt IMPOSSIBLE.

SUPPOSED to be like angry birds! stop slamming them!


UPDATE: Its even better its nearly as good as AB and they fixed the problems. First off i must say this app is meant to be like angry birds, the dev had requests for it so they made it. The dev(s) admit that and it wasn't created to get profit from copying angry birds, it was an ode to angry birds. They even said they loved angry birds. There are a few issues with this app such as the music after you fling a bull can get annoying and the zooming in before you take a shot, but the dev said both of these and other issues will be fixed in the next update along with 15 new levels. As is the game is funny and enjoyable can't wait for the update.

Works as advertised and great fun


Not sure why these folk are giving this away, but a win is a win. Thanks "Millipede" Great fun, I've only ever played the free Angry Birds, but this is better, and the price is right. All the people who rated this "angry birds clone" down for being like angry birds might have missed the point?

Good app


Review part 2 needs a more graphical update & bug fixing & more bulls too shoot like 4 instead of 3 & also needs more gaps for the bull could hit the target with my review part one if they do all of this I will give it five stars & I think everybody else would too



Add back the mooing and the music that came when you launched a bull, it seems very generic without that. Thanks for the update I guess but I liked those things before

Good Game!!!!


I waited for this, because the first one was fun but way too short. The guitar music was a bit annoying, but now there is no sound. It would be better if the shop owner and the bulls had audible expressions. The update was really worth waiting for. Hopefully more updates to come.

Much improved since March update


More responsive touch controls. Zooming in and out works now. It is more fun now. Like the boucing effect. Bull sound effects should be added. I'm glad I didn't delete this before the improvements.



5 star game but had to show balls after win really terrible 

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