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Where does the money go?

Create your Budgets and keep to them - Buy 'Budgets - Expense Tracker' !

'Budgets - Expense Tracker' logs your purchases against your budgets so you can see how much you have spent. Your budgets can be monthly, weekly, or any other time period you like.

◆ Know instantly how much you've got left to spend in your budget
◆ Keep track of your spending so you Don't Overspend.

You can set up as many Budgets as you need and monitor your spending over any time period.

√ See how much of your Budgets you have left to spend with the Coin Tubes Display!
√ Budgets can be monthly, weekly, or any time period you define
√ You can carry over unused Budget Amounts to the next time period
√ View your Purchase History
√ E-Mail your Purchases as a CSV file attachment from within the App ; CSV files work with most spreadsheet software
√ Includes Secure Passcode Entry System to keep your budget data private

◆ This app is part of the MoneyBudgie Finance Tracking Bundle.
- All 4 Apps work together to help you get in control of your finances. For example, you can use budgets planned with the Home Budget Plan app in this app, whilst purchases logged in this app affect your bank account balances tracked by Spending Log, etc.

Buy 'Budgets - Expense Tracker', create your Budget and keep to it.


Money Budget Tracker
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This is a very, very good budget app. I really enjoy using it. I can keep up with what is sent month to month. November 30th. Michael


Love it!

Great app

Does everything I need it to. Is actually a budget and shows how much I have left to spend instead of just a copy of my checking account register like most apps and you set it to show the budget weekly, monthly, etc. one suggestion would be to show how much you have left to spend for each budget on the summary/ overview page instead of or in addition to the total amount left to spend between all budgets. Seems great so far but only played with it for a few hours.

Please fix won't update! It's a good app but won't update!

I like using this app to get a view of my monthly budget. I haven't had any problems.

Love it.
Richie O 17

Very handy and very helpful

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