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Bubble Pop Match FREE- Gum Puzzle Mania

Have you a sweet tooth and love candies, then we think this is the match game for you. Swap and blast the clear candy bubbles.
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It’s so amazing to see how each of the candy blitz down. Simply switch and swap to connect a pair or group of bubble gums to tap and blast.

To get high score, you need to use your brain and and logic as on how to strategically link together the candies and bust it.

“Awesome, I just found my favorite game!!! Doing the swipe, move and slide of candies makes my mouth crave for sweets. Wish I’ll level up soon.” - Lucy

This is an tempting game to play because of its colourful alignment. As the level goes up, different candy bubble schemes will be displayed. This is a tough brain game to link and tap all candy bubbles until nothing is left.

Best features of the game are as follows:
• A leaderboard showing the best and top players of the game.
• Each level of the game has a target score to motivate you to play your best.
• You can pop in as few as a pair of two candy bubbles.
• Candy bubbles are in various colours not to confuse players.

Be a star Bubble Pop player now. Dash all candies down and move to the next level ...Download NOW!!!


Constant pop up asking for review.

The annoying thing about this app is its relentless pursuit of trying to get you to write a review. Every couple minutes while playing, you have to clear out the "please review this app" pop up. So here I am, giving a review. Also, there could be better contrast between the colors, especially with the background. Other than that, it's greaeeaaat.

Mindless addiction

Good one pass time


Easy relaxing, mindless fun.

Cee Jay 1947

Keeps me on my toes. Keeps me coming back.