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We're very excited to now be in the app store! Our app has been designed with you in mind - focusing on giving you a better user experience. It allows you to easily stay up to date with everything we've got going on, communicate with us at the touch of a finger, and even receive notifications from us for all the latest happenings. Download us now and check out our brand new application today!
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Out of stock
MrIceCreamMan 50

stay up waiting for new royalty brushes to drop and guess what nothing was released I download this app and add my email to this so called brush king site and I got nothing I checked over and over on Friday and nothing someone please tell how can I get a royalty. this is crazy, this company brush king isn’t following up on having these brushes out. 360 jezzy talks about them and justintime does and brush king this and brush king that. but where are the brushes I would love to buy them. But out of stock. if toca bell were out of stock everyday how and the heck would they make money.πŸ€ͺ I just want to buy some royalty brushes for my dang waves


I bought a brush that was a softy but I wanted a medium. So I wanted a refund I told brush king this and they didn’t do much about it i they just sent me the soft one. No lie I was disappointed

best brushes in the wave game

100% recommend to anyone

Thank you for all you doπŸ”₯πŸ’™πŸ’―

Talking to da world I have purchased many brushes from here all of them r live from hard to soft get one n u will c to

Brush king

The best waves brushes ever madeπŸ₯‡

OG 8119
mikester infinity

Yes bih app is great

Brush King the GOAT!!!

The best place to buy brushes just got better!! BK takes customer service to another level, and this app is just as smooth as every BK transaction EVER!!

4/5 Stars

Good app, best brushes on the market, and they are about to start selling the Torino pros again.

Businessman about his business
musiq elover

This company is about providing serious wavers who want the best brushes excellent high quality tools to help craft there hair to outstanding waves. The owner is a waver who understands the waving community needs. He is someone who you can interact with and has no problem dealing one to one with his customers! He has a passion and vision for what he does and that’s why he is Brushking!

Brush King is the PLUG

If you need a brush, comb, durag, or stocking cap, this app provides the best options for 360 waves, 540 waves, 720 waves and everything in between! The best customer service ever and timely notifications to help you buy the products you may have missed. Hands down Brush King is the PLUG!

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