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Can you get a rectangular cube into a square hole?
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Games $0.99 Semih Sarac iPhone, iPad, iPod

The aim of the game is to get the block to fall into the square hole at the end of each level.
There are 28 level to complete.

Here are the rules:
- Fall the block into the square hole at the end of each stage.
- Level will restart if you fall off the edges.
- To Move the block, slide your finger any side you want.
- O switch activates any hidden part when block roll over.
- X switch activates any hidden part when block vertically.
- If block stands vertically on an orange part, block will fall.
- () switch divides 2 equal cube.
- Load and replay your finished levels



It's okay

Fun. However the controls are annoying and it freezes sometimes.


The controls are odd. But it's okay

jordan colvin

Cool game but hard to control and the graphics aren't that good

Not Impressed

Graphics = 3/10 Gameplay = 4/10 Control = 3/10 Don't waste your money.


It an awesome game until I got to freaking level 20 bc I have the same game on my iPad and it didnt glitch bc I got pass it on my iPad so in level 20 it glitches fir me and I paid for that stupid game!!!!!!

Level 20

Level 20 glitches it is leteraly imposible please fix

Level 20 impossible!

An ok puzzler, I played the pc version online and enjoyed the challenge. I passed every level, some of which were really hard. When I saw the app I thought it'd be fun to try, and that the levels may be different. It was pretty good, till I got to level 20. I've spent a lot of time on this level and have decided it has no solution. This is very frustrating cause you can't skip levels, so I can't play the rest of the game. Don't buy this game till they fix it!!!


Game is fun for a bit, and then glitches come in. It started at level 8 for me. Don't buy until it's been patched.


Fun but level 20 is impossible to beat. Please fix this! Should be 2 x's not one

Chargerfanboy 

This is the most terrible game I bought ever. Hate it. Not worth buying. For people that did buy it and didn't rate on how BAD it is than do it now,PLEASE!!

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