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Play free to become a successful detective in the 1930s gangster years. Show your skills solving crimes: intuition, memory and quick decisions are the keys.
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Travel to New Hushtonvillle to play the role of Detective Bloffrace. This game has six locations: casino, courts, Italian restaurant, apartment, Jazz Club and a taxi, where different crimes have been committed. Amongst a selection of suspects, the player must pick out the guilty one with clues found at the crime scene.

Time is also an important element and, as one goes along; the player is running more and more against the clock and facing greater difficulties. Your city needs you!

Max Popflash can help you with new clues, discards of suspects or extra time to find the guilty one.

Get as much money as possible and become the best detective in New Hushtonvillle.


Awesome game!

This game is actually challenging unlike other games... It is a boredom breaker! Amazing and fun app.

Full of style

I’ve always been a fan of the 1930s crime scene (fictional, of course!) and so when this app came out I was naturally interested. It’s aesthetics are charming, and though you might think it easy at first it’ll start throwing you for a loop as the difficulty ramps up. The little blurbs surround the deaths are entertaining and always different, which is definitely appreciated. The character styles are nice to boot. You might find yourself intending to play it for only a few minutes, and then whoops, there goes half an hour. I expect I’ll be returning to it quite a lot in the future!