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Games Free Exobius Ltd iPhone, iPad, iPod

Don't miss out on the experience of Bloculus, a fresh 3D cylindrical take on the puzzle action genre. You will find yourself swiping and tapping as you fight to keep the tower from reaching the top.

Simply move your selector in any direction around the tower by swiping or using the on-screen buttons, and swap the selected blocks by either tapping with 2 fingers or using the on-screen button. Matching adjacent blocks will implode, resulting in spectacular combos and shockwaves!

* A choice of block styles - solid and simple for purists, or transparent with easily recognisable 3D shapes inside.
* 3 control methods - on-screen touch buttons, swiping the selector or swiping the tower.
* Awesome music and sound effects - headphones highly recommended! (Soundtrack available to download soon...)
* Choose your starting level - As you progress, higher starting levels unlock - letting you jump straight into the action!
* Shatter high scores - The record holder gets saved separately for each starting level.
* Check out the Full Version for multiple Game Modes - Arcade, Time Challenge, Score Challenge, Speed Challenge and more!

Recommended phone: iPhone 4S or higher.
Recommended tablet: iPad 3 or higher.
(The game is still fully playable on older devices; if it slows down on higher levels, try using the solid block style).

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