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4/5 rating based on 457 reviews. Read all reviews for Blockers Spy for Instagram for iPhone.
Blockers Spy for Instagram is free iOS app published by Fraoula d.o.o.

Something nice

Broken Renege

Pretty nice and straightforward app, does just what it says it will, which is a good lot of helpful stuff.

Pretty good

Gabe M 2015

Gets tons of instagram likes VERY FAST and easy. Only problem: the ads.



This is a good app I quests



🔥 this app is cool . Great for marketing

Great app!


Such a good app. Must have for any Instagram user

Best app ever!!!

Henny Bella

They get you likes , followers, cheap or for free! Keep you updated on everything! Best app ever! (: thank you

Love it


I get my likes instantly



Legit, best around!

needs lots of work


how about lesser ads and traction to get certain users to see a photo on their feed? like if you're indirecting a post and dont wanna mention their name but you want to make the other sees it that person sees it on their timeline!



My friends told me it worked lol so I'm tryin it and it’s a vary cool app it’s a easy and free was to check if you have any new followers who’s following you who’s not and who’s blocked you and who’s unfollowed you..I really like this app

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