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Blockers App for Instagram gives you valuable statistics about your Instagram account.
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You can track users who blocked you, new followers, lost followers, and much more. Blockers also shows you users that are not following you back, and users you're not following back.

- tracks users who blocked you
- shows your followers and users you follow
- tracks changes in followers and lists users that unfollowed you
- displays users that are not following you back
- displays users you forgot to follow back



Great app!!

Great app

This app really comes In handy. Whenever I see someone didn’t follow me back and I can’t find them, I can go right into the app and see who didn’t follow me back. Also helps it get lots of likes. overall great app

Not accurate

The information they give you is not accurate. I had people i knew that blocked me, but it didn’t show on the site , same thing with the people i did and didnt follow and my followers. Had to cancel my subscription right away . Would’ve been a waste of $20.

Im stuck

How do i get out of the free trial? Delete the app? I don’t want to be charged

This app is shady

It gives you an option for a “three day free trial” to see blockers, etc. It forces you to give credit card info though. Once you do that, it claims you have three days to use those features, then if you want to continue using those features, you can buy it for $20 A MONTH, lol. Luckily, something didn’t feel right, and I went snooping around, and realized, now that they have your credit card info they AUTOMATICALLY charge you for the next month, unless you manually go into setting, and unsubscribe. And it will keep charging you every month. It will give you the remaining free days I guess, but it won’t continue your subscription. I wish they made that clear. Seems like they are just robbing people, while tricking us into giving them all out info, and our passwords to our Instagram profiles. Woof. I have one more thing to say, more like a theory, since they have zero explanations to what exactly “secret admirers” are anywhere on the web, and how that all works..... but expect you to pay $20 every month for the feature. I think they mine all your activity, including archived photos, since we did consent to giving them our passwords, and then base their info off of that. What I mean is.... Example: I have had people like and follow me for years, then they unfollow me, all the likes they give me, don’t necessarily go away. I think they use that old data, and pretend you have stalkers, when in reality it looks like they are active, but it’s just old activity. I tried my best to explain this though, so bare with me. I don’t know much about web stuff, but that’s fishy. How are they tracking who goes to your profile? Instagram would never allow hacking like that, unless they were getting a cut. This app is chill to see who unfollows you, and who’s not following back. But that’s about it. They give that part away for free, because every app that provides lurking ability’s does, and nobody would pay for something that’s already free. I think that’s why they make all these “extra” features to lure you in. They rebrand it a different way, and don’t expect the average person like myself to notice that kind of stuff. Good luck everyone!

Great app



I absolutely love this app and it works so well!

Great App

I can see who blocks me and who’s stalking me. Been using this app for a few years now and it’s been so helpful. I highly recommend! 💕

User Friendly

Great app to help me track followers for a business project I used!

5 star

I like that you can see who your ghost followers are and all the other features. Great app