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Note: Blink Keyboard does not upload anything. All the words/phrase learnt from typing is saved in your phone and will be removed when you delete Blink Keyboard.

"This is the first keyboard replacement app I've found that does everything I was looking for."
- Airhead4ever

"Seven years of iPhone ownership, and this is my first App review, so that should say how much Blink actually impressed me. Still, it needs..."
- dalestrauss

"Its just the best thing since sliced bread."
- Mohammed S-O

"A must have for iPhone 6+ owners!"
- GeraldTeo

Blink Keyboard is a simple but power keyboard provides a list of exciting features:

- Auto-Correct+, more than just auto-correct!
- Resizable keyboard: resizable for one-hand typing on larger iPhones.
- Move cursor gesture: tap move first row to move cursor position.
- Quick Text: define and insert your frequently used text (eg: email or home address).
- Dedicated comma, full stop, delete word & clear all key.
- Long press first row for Emojis (no switching needed!)
- Support English, Spanish, German and Portuguese.
- Themes with different fonts
- Word Complete/Suggestions & Next Word suggestions
- QWERTZ, AZERTY, JKLÇ, Spanish & German keyboard layouts support.
- Acute accent characters.

Official Twitter: @blink_kbd



karena tochscren saya sebaian tidak berfungsi tolong update di keybord size potret untuk mengunkan garis line untuk mengatur ukuran thanks

Lacks one feature

The feature this lacks that I really miss is the ability to highlight the best guess predictive properly and insert it with the spacebar. The highlighted word should change as new letters added. Right now its not predicting the words accurately enough and you have to tap the word in the prediction bar to insert it. Also the secondary characters insert too easily if you move your fingers just a little while pressing the key.

Great keyboard

Love this addition but would like access to the microphone in my iPhone.

Highly configurable

Does some things extremely well, but there are maddening failures that should be straightforward to fix. Foremost problem is one of punctuation. Press the period and a menu should pop up allowing the user to insert a comma. Alas, often it does not work, so instead of a comma you get a period, which takes several steps to remedy. The program often loses context, and in the middle of a sentence the suggestion bar will offer choices in capitals where they are inappropriate. All told a promising beginning with no trend towards improvement. ----- I'm changing my rating to four stars. Use a split keyboard and check More Keys->More Keys for Split Keyboard and there in the center are the common punctuations plus cursor left and cursor right -- very handy. With the period no longer next to the space bar, my lazy right thumb no longer inserts an unintended period. Go to Quick Text for customizations. I find a.m. and p.m. useful. For multiline entries '\' denotes line feed.

Blink Keyboard
twyla kay

The L key doesn't always work It should have stickers


Didn’t work for me it just isn’t something to wast time on


I can’t figure out how to even see all the different themes that this keyboard has to offer...usually I can ignite it out in seconds...would totally be stoked if someone could help me figure it out...then I will update my review 😉

Took forever to release new update!

I thought that this app was going to be updated frequently.

Pro ap

Keyboard is great, but won't upgrade to Pro Edition, "Unable to purchase now.. Try again later.

So far so good ...
C J Graffo

Looks good so far. Everything seems pretty straight forward.