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Note: Blink Keyboard does not upload anything. All the words/phrase learnt from typing is saved in your phone and will be removed when you delete Blink Keyboard.

"This is the first keyboard replacement app I've found that does everything I was looking for."
- Airhead4ever

"Seven years of iPhone ownership, and this is my first App review, so that should say how much Blink actually impressed me. Still, it needs..."
- dalestrauss

"Its just the best thing since sliced bread."
- Mohammed S-O

"A must have for iPhone 6+ owners!"
- GeraldTeo

Blink Keyboard is a simple but power keyboard provides a list of exciting features:

- Auto-Correct+, more than just auto-correct!
- Resizable keyboard: resizable for one-hand typing on larger iPhones.
- Move cursor gesture: tap move first row to move cursor position.
- Quick Text: define and insert your frequently used text (eg: email or home address).
- Dedicated comma, full stop, delete word & clear all key.
- Long press first row for Emojis (no switching needed!)
- Support English, Spanish, German and Portuguese.
- Themes with different fonts
- Word Complete/Suggestions & Next Word suggestions
- QWERTZ, AZERTY, JKLÇ, Spanish & German keyboard layouts support.
- Acute accent characters.

Official Twitter: @blink_kbd


Not quite there.
Lanc Local

1st Even paying for the Pro version you still get ads. It might need an ad free Pro version. 2nd. All the third party keyboards are often ignored and replaced with the default ios keyboard for any Apple apps and others that don't support third party keyboards but this one seems to be replaced more than others. I can't figure out why but other keyboards seem to do better at that. Overall the keyboard is great with more options and functionality than others I've tried. I just like a keyboard to be there when expected and no ads after paying to help support the developer.

Me encanta pero le falta hacer transporte el teclado y que sea movible

me encanta pero le falta quedara movible como el teclado visual de windows porfa actualízalo


Can you do update for iPhone x please:(

this app is misleading

I thought this app was free but when i download it I had only a few free themes and I have to buy the pro to get all of the themes the description of the app is misleading

Horrendous UI

The UI is giant and clunky. It’s poorly designed and looks completely amateur. No way I would pay money for this. I deleted it almost immediately.

Has potential

I like the concept and features. But it has too much lag time, forcing me to type slowly

Very cool, but...

Very cool keyboard with great features...if they worked. Neither the Quick Text nor the Show Alt Characters features work. I've sent three messages to Customer Support, but have not received a single response. Perhaps the App is no longer supported? Also rather weak in its word suggestions: Doesn't offer "I've" when you type "Ive"? Really? Fix a couple things - a couple very important things - and this will be a great app.

Too sensitiv3

Love what this is supposed to: o. Bu5 to *3nsivtib3 for characters as you can s3e this always happens. Wish there were a 2ay to turn it off.

Cool app but sloppy

Keyboard gets confused when typing fast. There seem to be a lot of bugs like holding down delete but it doesn't do continuous delete; changing from alphanumeric and the switch back isn aut9matic. That 9 is supposed to be an o. gotta slow down my typing. G wasn't capitalized. You lose a lot of the functionality that you take for granted with the regular keyboard.


This is a miracle app