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Blink App is free iOS app published by Blink Media Inc.

Not to be confused with EV charging


Identical look and feel to a legit app. Why was this approved?

Neat Concept - Still Not Polished


I love the concept, but there are inconveniences all over. I just want to edit my profile as my information has changed - it's not an option from the app. I received a brief, or at least a message referring to a brief, and it tells me to go to "My Briefs" to find it. That page doesn't exist in the app. For a platform based on an on-the-go concept it misses the mark.

Search Function totally does not work


I would love to have the app to find people to work with but the App is buggy. The search function when clicking "Select a role" it is empty with nothing to choose and then crashes the app. Nice try but seriously for this service to be viable you have to have a simple search function.

Safe Connecting Tool


Love using this to research photographers & videographers. I also mainly use it to communicate with them.