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Blackout your pics! Censor information and share with your friends. Use black bar to blackout any words, phrases, or parts of pictures that you don't want anyone to see. Need to share a sensitive document? Blackout the sensitive information and then share. Need to hide someone's face? Black it out!
Category Price Seller Device
Entertainment $0.99 Ogtus Media LLC iPhone, iPad, iPod

Easy steps:
1) Import image or take new pic
2) Select bar to use, then pinch and resize
3) Save and/or share!


Waste of money

Won't let me move bar around. Doesn't work.

Absolutely terrible

Can't move the bar and it stretches your picture out making it look abnormal and ridiculous. I want my money back. I give it 0 stars but apparently apple requires at least one star


Don't buy this. It inserts the graphic at the top of the screen UNDER a menu banner. So you can't grab & move it. Would be an easy fix if the creators cared to resolve it.

Not usable

The bar is inserted below the menu bar with no possible way to move the bar and use it. Complete waste.

frustratingly bad
Colin Jack

needed it to get an address out of an irreplaceable photo, it made it blurry and the bars would get stuck behind the tool bar. Don't buy this.

Don't buy

Do NOT buy

Broken beyond repair

Ugh, why didn't I read these reviews. This app is unusable, literally not figuratively. Might as well have set my dollar on fire.


I should have read the other reviews....


This does not do what it say! Took my $1! DO NOT BUY

Utter Garbage
Cordell S.

Literally the worst app I've ever used, besides when I tried to make an app myself. Emailed requesting refund. Should be illegal to sell something that works so poorly. DO NOT BUY.