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Bitmoji is free iOS app published by Bitstrips Inc.


I love Bitmoji you can do anything you want on it you can create you . I love Bitmoji



Love to express myself with the moji, it's fun.

Loving it but wish...


Loving Bitmoji but wish there was a way to search emojis and find what I'm feeling without having to scroll through all of them every time.

So fun


Fun way to jazz up text messages

Only one avatar


I want to be able to make multiple avatars and save each one for later.


Knew start

Love it

Bitmoji's awesomeness


Bitmoji is a really great app. It's better than emojis. You design an avatar and send pics of it. That's bitmoji

Love it but missing one thing ..


A curvy body type, with big hips. My avatar face looks just like me but the rest of the body is off. I am not slim , heavy, average ,or athletic. I am African American and we have small waists and big hips. A hour glass figure would be so cute on here. Just a suggestions.



Love them, not so much the keyboard access clause. Will not allow the keyboard access unless privacy and consumer issues are addressed.

I love this App!!!!!


Best app I have by far...