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Games Free Vyneland Studios LLC iPhone, iPad, iPod

Protect your fruit tree from the hungry birds using your remote controlled net. Collect coins to buy power-ups for your net and over 100 different clothing items for your custom character. Try to beat your friends high score, but watch out for the black birds that break your net.

How many birds can you catch before you run out of fruits?

How to Play:

- Drag up and down anywhere on the screen to control your net
- Catch the blue and gold birds so they don't eat your fruit
- Avoid black birds, they eat blue and gold birds but don't eat fruit. If you catch even one black bird you lose!
- Try to get a high score and collect coins for power up and clothing items that you can get from the shop!



Great game can't stop playing! Love how you can buy net upgrades.


Very addictive and hard. Love the graphics and concept.

Very fun game!

Very fun game, love the graphics and concept. Only annoyance is that some birds manage to escape your net even if you trap them, just because your net is a little off by a few pixels. Otherwise a lot of fun!

1980's Atari games meet flappy bird

Cool game. The graphics remind me of a video game from the 80's - but slightly better (not quite superNES graphics or flappy bird graphics). The graphics make the game more interesting. The game itself reminds me of Atari games (again the 80's theme here) or a new angle on flappy bird. We'll done!

Great game

Nice game and addictive graphics. Recommend to everyone


Have you caught birds with a remote control drone today? If not download this NOW! Haha plus the graphics are hilarious.

Fun game

I really like this game because the objects come from the side. Usually they fall which does not work so well on a phone. Great old school sounds too!

Funny little game

Classic pixel graphics like flappy bird but unique gameplay. Fun and addictive.

Surprisingly unique

I was pleasantly surprised that this wasn't just another Flappy clone. It demands a lot of precision -- maybe a little TOO much -- but it's original and fun.

Nice game

Simple retro game. Catch birds as they fly by.