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Bird is a mobile app that gives you access to shared personal electric vehicles that can be picked up and dropped off anywhere. Use Bird for your work commute, across college campuses, with friends, or simply just to spread your wings and get some fresh air!
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Bird is currently Available in Santa Monica and Venice, CA but will be coming soon to a city near you. We will update as Bird becomes available in new locations. If you would like to see Bird in your area, please send a note to [email protected]


Bird is going downhill fast
Cali Cam

I’ve been a charger since the second week bird launched in my city (March of this year) and things were great. Birds were clean, easy to find, and customer service / charger support was excellent. However, since the month of August it seems as though Bird is completely falling apart at the seams — most of the Birds are FILTHY. Do you really want to ride something that’s disgustingly dirty, and sticky with who knows what substance? Most of them are falling apart and are unsafe and unfit for unsuspecting citizens to ride. Not to mention Bird has refused to pay me for every Bird I successfully charge and release within the specified time. Worst of all? Customer support is completely ignoring me. In what used to be 1-2 hour wait time max for them to get back, has transitioned to me waiting 5 DAYS (with various follow up emails and chats) and still nothing. As of the writing of this review Bird owes me $100+ in unpaid Birds. As someone who’s been around I’m just really disappointed that this is what it’s become. I’m looking to ONLY use Lime scooters in the future or any of their competitors, because Bird is dropping the ball big time. I know I can’t be the only one.

Loved it!
wills 6776

So ez So much fun

Best transportation ever!

So efficient

A new way to enjoy your lunch break

I have used the Bird scooters 3 times now and every time it’s just a blast. I love the movement there’s been 2 ozone alerts in the last week and something needs to be done to save our city. I think it’s a good step in the right direction. It’s also just so beneficial to have something positive and fun like this in the environment. Thanks bird!

When the work, they’re great!

Birds work about ½ of the times I’ve tried them. When they work it’s a ton of fun.

It’s convenient and they’re everywhere
Baseball n' Sci-Fi

I think this was a brilliant idea because downtown there are times when you want to get from place to place and you wouldn’t necessarily commit to walking if where you were going was too far away and this just opens up the possibilities for your day because you can get so far so fast. I like being active and I like walking but it actually allowed me to do more in the downtown area and see more because sometimes there are big empty stretches that you don’t want to walk but I was able to go and see more because I had the BIRD...And I always wanted to try and electric scooter!!


Literally this is the best idea ever I LOVE birds!!! So much fun

Map feature doesn’t work at all

This would be a great concept if it worked. Bird’s geolocation features are terribly inaccurate, and more often than not I wind up chasing birds that aren’t where they say they are or apparently don’t exist at all. Giving up on this app unless there’s a massive improvement, because they’ve got a lot of work to do.

Extremely fun.
killer BB


The experience is awesome, but...

The app is too large! I shouldn’t have to wait to download 70MB+ just to take these scooters for a ride.