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Bird is a mobile app that gives you access to shared personal electric vehicles that can be picked up and dropped off anywhere. Use Bird for your work commute, across college campuses, with friends, or simply just to spread your wings and get some fresh air!
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Bird is currently Available in Santa Monica and Venice, CA but will be coming soon to a city near you. We will update as Bird becomes available in new locations. If you would like to see Bird in your area, please send a note to [email protected]


Do not rely

If you have plans to go somewhere, do not rely on this thing to get you there any quicker. The app loves to malfunction at the best times. Was on my way to class Twice and it would unlock the ride and close it immediately. It kept giving me a message saying “unknown error”. I didn’t end up getting charged for unlocking but I missed class twice.


you should at least make it 13 and older so more people can ride the scooter or if a kid wants to ride it does it have to be parents supervision?

Scooter fails to work.

App is fine but there is a trick to using these things. Never use when in a rush. I was traveling with my wife. One scooter would fail and the other keep going.

Mister Locksmith

BEWARE: this thing does NOT tell you that it will take more of your money than you asked it to and DOES NOT delete your card information no matter how hard you try. IM POOR THAT MONEY MATTERS, PLEASE GIVE IT BACK.

Fun but..

Fun and convenient. But need to be able to rent multiple scooters on same payment.

This bird is a scam
Mohd Marjan bin Marsa

Literally eats all my money and the worst thing is that I only used for 5 min and suddenly it cost me 21 dollars ????!

Good app and scooter but poor customer service

Bird has great scooters and a good app. But they are not very responsive when it comes to customer service. When you call they put you in a queue but then after 20 minutes they abruptly say no one is available and hang up. On the app-based customer service they take days to respond then close out the ticket if I don’t respond the same day. It’s like there are some sort of metrics or numbers they’re using internally to rate their effectiveness and they’re gaming the numbers. There are no tickets open for more than a couple days because you close them out if I don’t respond instantly. There is no one on hold more than 20 minutes because you hang up on after 20 minutes.

Balance Auto Update

I have an unused balance bc it automatically charged me again??? Can I have it refunded?? So annoying.


Had a blast...🤠

Garbage company

These scooters litter the streets and adults ride them like children. Riders are killed due to lack of education.

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