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#1 learning app about binary options trading for beginners.
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+ 3 most effective binary trading strategies.
+ More than 50 real-life trading situations explained.

If you think your average economics teacher would be a successful trader in the financial markets, think again. According to Stanford University researchers Barberis and Huang (2001), he most probably wouldn’t. Even the smartest financial bookworms make mistakes when using traditional theory models.

We dislike fluff and non-working theory so we developed the Binary School app that is quite different from the majority of financial and binary options trading education materials out there. It features interactive, real-life case study simulator that will teach you the tips and tricks behind successful binary price predictions. You will also uncover the simplest and most effective technical strategies that offer an average win rate of 68%.

The Binary School app is constructed like a game where you can earn points every time you complete a school chapter. When you collect a certain amount of points, you can unlock the special Simulator section where you can practice your price prediction skills on different situations involving stocks, currencies and other instruments applicable to binary options.

If you run out of the virtual game points, you will have the chance to buy more points to continue playing and learning. This helps us to support and continually improve this otherwise free app.

In this app, you will learn:

- The 3 most popular mistakes of binary trading beginners
- The best binary options technical strategies
- What time frame to choose for trading binary options
- When is the best time for trading binary options (which time of day and which day of the week)
- Binary candlestick chart basics
- How to set up your workspace for successful binary options trading
- How binary options trading works
- The differences between Forex and binary options trading
- The best binary options brokers
- The traps to avoid when dealing with binary options brokers


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